Places to visit in Croatia within one week

by Adriana
(United States)

Ferry from Ancona, Italy to Split in Croatia

Ferry from Ancona, Italy to Split in Croatia

Hi Tobias

GREAT is so well done, thank you for sharing it with all of us. I was starting to feel so overwhelmed by what I was reading but your site helped me !

I am planning a trip to Italy/Croatia next June. My friend is getting married near Florence, Italy, and immediately after her wedding my husband and I would like to go to Croatia.

We'll prob take a ferry, but we are not sure where to start?

We have one week to explore Croatia; any thoughts of where to go? We'd like to see at least 2 different regions. Definitely the beach, definitely some night
life !

Thank You !


Some suggestions about great places in Croatia and what to do there - if you have just one week.

Hi Adriana,

thank you very much for your positive feedback about my site. That means a lot fo me!

Ok, so I would start here: Getting to Croatia from Italy.

You wrote that you are near Florence in Italy. Personally I would only take two transportation options into account.
The first option is to get to Croatia via airplane. You could depart from the airport in Florence and arrive in split or Dubrovnik for example.

The second option which you mentioned is the ferry connection between Italy and Croatia (please see the above image for some basic ferry connections). And that's what I would personally recommend. It's not very expensive and you'll be in Croatia within around 2 hours or so. Not to mention the great experience when crossing the Adriatic with these "Hover Cushion boats".

The departure point in Italy could be "Ancona" which is in the reachable area of Florence (something around 300 km according to Google Maps). From there you could reach Split or Stari Grad which is in the island of Hvar.


Now, I have to be "brutal honest" when recommending some destinations and things to do in Croatia. The problem I generally see for your vacation is within the time frame of only one week. It's just not possible to do that much in one week - but that's my experience. I would rather see a little bit less but have a relaxing trip. If you want to see more, then it could
get a bitt stressful...

My thoughts about destinations to see within one week: You mentioned that you want to have some "beach time". And that's really a must in Croatia with all those crystal clear waters!

I don't see a problem here. You will find beaches everywhere along the coastline and on the islands. So my suggestion would be to stay within the coastal area of Croatia. Dalmacija is the southern region of Croatia and I can absolutely recommend it. It's just so beautiful!

The other thing you mentioned was some night life. A great place here is Croatia's capital "Zagreb". But it's in the hinterland and so this might not be the right choice for you one week trip. I would generally say that you can experience great night life in most of the coastal cities. What you should take into account is wether you make your trip in the low season or peak season.

(Here's an article about the best time to travel to Croatia. I know you are not so flexible because of the wedding, but it should give you an overview.) During peak season you won't have a problem to experience some great night life - all while enjoying the mediterranean climate!


So I would recommend the southern region of Croatia first: You could take the ferry from Ancona to Stari Grad on the island
of Hvar and stay there for 2 days or so. I was in Hvar with my girlfriend this August and I must admit, it is my personal favorite in Croatia right now. The island is beautiful, you have fantastic beaches and the town which is also called "Hvar" is so charming. I have made dozens of photos but still found no time to put them onto the website.

In my opinion you can't go wrong with Hvar. (Also see the great beaches of Hvar here).

Then you could take the ferry to Split - also a beautiful coastal town with a fabulous promenade and great shopping possibilities in those historical and narrow alleys :-)
See my photo series about Split for some impressions: three-part Split photo series

I would stay here for one or two days. Then you would have three or four days left. You could take a ferry from Split again to the other reachable island here: Brac island with the famous Zlatni Rat beach. The ferry from Split to Supetar on Brac island takes something around 45 minutes and from there you could take a taxi
to the beach on the opposite side of the island: See my photo
series about Brac island here.

A great mixture for your trip would be to visit a National Park. I see two within the area. Krka national park or the Plitvice Lakes National Park, which is in the Unesco world heritag sites.

Krka National Park with the famous waterfalls is reachable from Split within around 1,5 hours. The Plitvice lakes are in the hinterland but you can get there within around 3 hours via bus or you rent a car for that time.

I think this is enough for one week in Croatia and would not be too stressful. If you really want to add one more top spot - I could also recommend Dubrovnik in the very south of Croatia. This is the so called "pearl of the Adriatic" and really one of the most historical sites in Croatia.


I hope this is some kind of a "starting point" for you. Please note that these suggestions are my personal view.

All the best

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