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Porec Croatia - in my opinion a perfect starting point in the Istrian region!

Porec is a town located within the Istria region of Croatia. It is also considered a popular tourist resort, with many attractions that visitors from all over the country and continent keep coming back for.

It is a town that enjoys a mild climate, with summer just pleasantly warm and winter temperature not dipping below the freezing point. This makes Porec an ideal town to visit during any time of the year!

Roofs of Porec

Roofs of Porec

The town offers a lot of opportunities to indulge in water sports, with lots of facilities for water skiing, sailing, parasailing, kayaking, and others. Most of these activities are done along the stretch of beach front from Plava Laguna to Zelena Laguna.

Porec Croatia: Fantastic Beaches And Marinas

The former is known for its well-maintained beaches while the latter also features several sporting facilities such as basketball courts and miniature golf courses. Zelena Laguna also has a marina offering berth to yachts and other sailing vessels.

Despite its continued development geared toward tourism, Porec still manages to retain its rich and unique heritage! Its identity as a Roman town is still very much evident to visitors who stroll along its quaint and winding streets.

UNESCO World Heritage site: Euphrasius Basilica

Remains of Roman roads called cardodecumanus are well-preserved up to the present times. Its most prominent landmark is the Euphrasius Basilica, designated a UNESCO World Heritage site.

It is an impressive structure dating back to the 6th century and known for its beautiful mosaics with backgrounds of gold. The structure also houses the remains of St. Maurus Martyr.

Other highlights include the ciborium from the 13th century and ancient religious paintings. The basilica is also the venue of several classical music concerts held from May to September.

Really worth a visit: the Porec Museum

Another attraction in town is the Porec Museum, which showcases items related to local history, particularly during the Roman and early Christian times.

Of particular interest are pottery fragments from the 3rd century BC, religious paintings, and old furniture. The museum is located within the Sincic Palace, a beautiful Baroque building along the town's main road.

Porec Croatia: So Many Things You Can Do ...

With the construction of several hotels and other forms of accommodations, Porec also invested in establishing facilities for

  • tennis
  • horseback riding
  • bungee jumping
  • and other sports and recreation.

It also began offering scuba diving trips, with the abundance of marine treasures located along its coastline.


Tip: Located near the town is the islet of St. Nicholas, where some of the area's beautiful bathing beaches are located!

Porec is also an ideal starting point for exploring the rest of the Istrian region and other surrounding areas that feature interesting attractions. Such is the resort of Brulo, where there are several well-maintained hiking paths for exploring its pine forest. Visitors also have the option of bathing in the beach or in several of its swimming pools.

A day trip to the northern part of Vrsar takes visitors to the Dusan Dzamonja Sculpture Park. This outdoor showroom displays metal and stone abstract sculptures made by the noted artist, providing contrast between what is manmade and what is natural.

Those who wish to indulge in nude bathing can head out to the beaches of Spadici-Materada. The area also features several olive groves that visitors may explore.

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