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Are you a diving enthusiast looking for the next spectacular site to explore? Then Premuda island might be a great spot for you.

Head to the "Cathedral", the fantastic diving paradise of Silba Archipelago! Located in the north of the Dalmatian Zadar islands, Premuda is last one before the Italian coastline.

Although the third largest of its archipelago, with 17 square kilometres in size, Premuda has less than 80 inhabitants, while the high season brings more than 400 tourists, all attracted by the sensational "Cathedral".

The local named "katedrala" is located in the bay of Siroka, and features a natural labyrinth of connected caves magically illuminated by the light rays penetrating the porous rocks.

If you're diving in a very sunny day in this sapphire temple, you will experience one of the best diving panoramas in Croatia! 67 meters further, the divers can also explore the Austro-Hungarian wreck of St. Istvan battleship, defeated by the Italian forces in 1918 and sank together with 89 members of its crew.

Premuda island is also a great spot for snorkeling.

If you plan to extend your stay for more than one day in Premuda, expect no official accommodation, but it is possible to arrange for stay in private houses in the traditional village of Premuda.

Up on the hill, where the village was set, with a lovely panorama over the Velebit mountain chain on the mainland, and welcomed with the authentic charm of the Croatian hospitality in its natural environment, you will feel you just found paradise.

Map of Premuda

Larger view

The idyllic seascape is matching beautifully with the old stonehouses, hidden among figs and olive groves. The food is also fantastic, a fresh mediteranean mix spiced with traditional sheep dishes, local cheeses, all generously wettened with red wine - the main occupation of the Premuda island's inhabitants being the sheep breeding, olive growing and keeping the wine tradition.

You will discover the Premuda island as very remote one, with a steep and inaccessible coastline in some spots, as the coast is abruptly descending in the deep blue waters. On the south-western coast of Premuda there are a few bays where you can find your own savage spot to work on your tan and adventure for a swim, while the divers meet point is, naturally, the Siroka bay.

Only few ferry drives connect the island with the mainland during the week, while cars are completely forbidden. The tiny port of Premuda, Krijal, is newly built in 2005, on the north-western coast, being guarded by five majestic rocks.

My honest conclusion about Premuda

Expect not too much to do in Permuda island. Dining out is available in the two or three idyllic restaurants located in the Krijal harbour area, and there's also a nightclub for the party lovers.

You will discover on your own that visitors only come to Premuda island:

  • enjoy the beautiful and tranquil setting,

  • to get away from the mainland,

  • but mostly for the fantastic diving!

Apart from that, there's nothing but the true island life - the perfect getaway!

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