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Primosten in my eyes is the most picturesque small fishing village on the Adriatic...and therefore it's also the top picture on this web site :-)

The allure of sitting by the sea enjoying the warm cool breeze coming from the waves and the smell of fresh air is at its most tantalizing on hot summer days.

People would flock the beaches and resorts and spend their summer vacations in seaside cities to relax, resuscitate themselves or just escape the monotony of urbanity.

When it comes to fulfilling just these kinds of agenda, there is truly no other place to be than the city of Primosten in Croatia. A favorite among tourists and travelers from nearby areas, regions, and countries.


The city is a perfect getaway for a summer holiday spent with a significant other, friends, and/or family!

Photo of Primosten

This small city in the heart of Dalmatia just 30 kilometers from the nearby towns of Sibenik and Trogir, sits on a hill facing the Adriatic Sea thus it's climate is warm but breezy which most people prefer on hot summer days.

Flanked by the sea on its sides, the town harbors a number of well-known and renowned resorts and beaches where sports enthusiasts and free-willed spirits could enjoy yachting and diving.

For one who just wants to get that perfect overall body tan, the nudist beach in nearby Smokvica is the perfect choice for sunbathing!

Video Of This Picturesque Village With Lots Of Possibilities To Bath (7:40 min.)

After a visit to the beach, a nice way to spend the late afternoon is to walk and comb through the town's streets. Walking through the narrow streets of the town alone is a pleasure in itself because you get to feel how Mediterranean it truly is with the sites and of course the smells wafting from nearby restaurants and taverns.

One can choose from among 50 restaurants and taverns nearby. For first-time visitors, the spiny lobster a la Primosten is a choice dish and a favorite among the locales and regulars.

Mouth-Watering Dalmatian Specialties

Apart from this, one can enjoy picking from a gamut of mouth-watering yet healthy dishes from home-made prosciutto, roasted meats and lamb chop, lentils, chickpeas, cheese, and other Dalmatian specialties. Photo of me in front of vineyard

To top off a heartwarming and satisfying dinner would be a bottle of Primosten's choice red wine called Babic. For those who do not know, the town is very famous for its vineyards.

One can in fact schedule a guided tour amongst the town's rich vineyards where the famous Babic is extracted and fermented to produce a world-class export.

After dinner, the streets of the city fills up with spirit as the discotheque Aurora, the largest by far in Dalmatia, comes to life and night life begins. For those who aren't drawn by the clubs, a stroll along the streets while gazing up at the monumental medieval cathedrals is a pastime of middle-aged couples, scholars, and history-lovers.

Board and lodging for tourists is abundant in the city. About 30 of the town's villages offer apartment rooms at very reasonable prices.

However, for one who wishes to stay as close to the sea as possible, there is the Zora hotel and the Raduca hotel in the north and the Hotel Marina and Kremik Marina by the south.

Photo of me with Primosten in background

You just have to see this beautiful village with your own eyes. I just recommend you - if you travel to Croatia - don't forget to spend a day here. You really won't forget it.

A picture says more than a thousand words...

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