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Private accommodation in Croatia in my eyes provide another great option for its visitors!

Though recognized to be cheaper than hotels and resorts, its biggest attraction is their semblance to homes that tourists have left behind during their vacations.

For most of those who avail of private accommodations, this means lesser tension and more enjoyment of their holidays. It also ensures that they don't have to get mixed with crowds every time they step out of their rooms, an added bonus to those who prize their privacy wherever they go.

Most of the private accommodations in Croatia come in the form of apartments, where they enjoy most of the amenities and facilities offered by hotels and much more.

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In the city of Dubrovnik, there are certainly a lot of options for visitors to choose from. An example of which is the Apartments Villa Katarina, where night's stay would range from 75 to 115 euros. Renters get to use a fully equipped kitchen with added perks like wireless internet access, satellite television, hi-fi stereo system, housekeeping services and outdoor parking.

Other private accommodations within the same price range are Apartments Tiffany, Apartments Paradise along the Stradun in the Old Town, and the House Taura. A more affordable option is the Rooms Perović, where visitors spend from 30 to 50 euros a night.

Those who wish to visit and explore the city of Split can also avail of its several private accommodations. Some of them even bear historical significance, such the Apartments Terra maris. It is an old stone house constructed in true Dalmatian design and is two centuries old.

Though it features all the needed modern amenities and facilities, there is no denying its simple elegance and rich history. For a price range of 40 to 70 euros per night, visitors get to use rooms with satellite television, fully equipped kitchen, air conditioning, and own bathroom. Some of the rooms even have fireplaces.

This apartment is located in Varos, one of the older parts of the city. Accommodation choices are also presented at Apartments Anja and the Rooms Dino, which is quite affordable with price range of 20 to 40 euros per night.

Most visitors often head out to the city of Zadar, where several private accommodations await them. A popular choice is the Apartments Anka, situated in Diklo. Its popularity stems from its ideal location, enjoying proximity to the sea, the shopping center, and bus station. Most of its rooms charge 50 euros per night and can accommodate up to 4 persons.

Among its amenities are fully equipped kitchen with dining facilities, satellite television, a washing machine, and balconies where visitors can enjoy scenic views of the city and the sea. Other private accommodations in Zadar offering the same price range are the Apartments Angella located in Poluotok-Center and the Pensions MARIA, a small family-oriented business.

Most of the apartments mentioned above are located just walking distance to the area's popular attractions. Though there are numerous options in cities, private accommodations are still very much available in smaller towns and villages all over the country.

All the best with your private accommodation in Croatia!

"With a little research, you can obtain an affordable place to stay as you enjoy the beauty and wonder of Croatia."

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