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I realized that property investment in Croatia is a topic that interests a lot of people.

From time to time I receive e-Mails from people asking me for more information about this "hot topic". So, here it is...

Like any investor, we bank on something that will be profitable in the future and one that can also withstand the stream of demand. Croatia, having a stable and strong economy, holds such reputation.

The climate for investing in Croatia should not be missed out, considering the political stability in the region.

Apartments with fantastic view over the deep blue Adriatia

Property investment in Croatia
How do you like the balcony with this fantastic view onto those isles?

When Croatia signed an agreement in 2005, that will stabilize their membership in the European Union, they immediately felt the result. All of a sudden, people started noticing Croatia; and upon sensing the attractions and the kind of lifestyle they can offer to travelers, retirees, and real estate investors, thousands decide to purchase a property or invest in the country.

Since Croatia has been famous for holiday destinations, foreign investments and interest in purchasing a property have risen dramatically.

Property in Croatia has risen in price by over 20% per annum over the last two years!

Demands have stretched through the Dalmatian Islands where Croatian-style houses are still built. Tourists who have fallen in love with the country decided to have and purchase properties for vacation and rest houses.

Having your own villa and vacation houses right on the coastline with a perfect view of the Adriatic Sea is totally priceless.

Breathtaking views over the Adriatic

I took this picture just minutes before Primosten. You can see the roofs of great
mediterranean houses with BREATHTAKING VIEWS over the Adriatic!

Croatia offers an excellent and first-rate opportunity for real estate investors and has a very promising room for growth. Revenues from the Croatia's tourist market also boost its property investments. Investing in properties in Croatia is far cheaper and affordable compared to its neighboring European cities.

And with the promising growth of its properties, investing in such properties would assure investors on how the properties' values appreciate quickly.

Aside from the coastal investments, it may also be profitable to buy a commercial property. Both will likely help sustain you for your real estate medium- and long-term goals. You may have to make sure, though, that you are away of the government's rules and regulations in acquiring properties.

Property investment in Croatia Introduction Video

Nevertheless, Croatia has many skilled and certified real estate agents that can handle international clients, providing fair market price for the properties that they are willing to purchase.

Croatia is witnessing rapid property developments in many areas of the country. The real estate, together with tourism, is starting to boom, making Croatia one of the hotspots in terms of European real estate investments.

However, foreigners are not just the main market for the country's real estate industry but also its own people whose lives improved drastically after peace has been secured in the country used to be torn apart by civil wars.

Properties along the Crotian coast

Property investment in Croatia
Houses along the Croatian coast.

Despite the rise in the cost of real estate, the cost of living in Croatia remains affordable; additionally, the quality of life in Croatia is so simple.

You can definitely enjoy a laidback lifestyle, which can be composed of lounging on the beach, developing your own vineyard, or playing various kinds of sports.

In the end, Croatia is on the right track in building its country's economy through real estate after its independence from Yugoslavia in 1991. With lower and more affordable rates and beautiful life ahead, there is no doubt that Croatia's real estate property will reach its zenith in the future.

"I wish you all the best in finding a property!"

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