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Punat - a place worth visiting, a feast for the eyes and a place of satisfaction.

Punat Krk is a place in Croatia, situated in the southern part of the bridge of Krk with an estimate of 30 kilometers and 8 kilometers on the south of Krk.

Located in the southern area of the island of Krk, Punat is considered as one of the most endeared and greatly secured places. It is considered to have inhabitants reaching 1,700. It is also one of the top nautical centers on the coast of the Adriatic.

Map of Punat

Larger view

Punat was just a settlement for fishermen. This place was initially stated in the 1377 document. Situated in at Punat bay's entry, this place's name hails with possible consideration from the Greek word "pons" that has a meaning of "bridge". This can be concluded due to the bridge located over the slender entrance point towards the Puntarska Draga Bay, which connects Punat with the Prniba Peninsula.

Punat's climate is a very attracting factor for tourists and other people who stay in the place. The characteristic of the climate of Punat is something that many people consider as interesting and enjoyable, especially to those who experience the place in a much longer time frame.

Punat Krk bird view

Punat Krk bird view

The Climate Here...

In comparison with the other places in the island like Kvarner, which is a coastal area, Punat has a noticeable dominating number of days that are sunny. Punat's temperature is also higher. The wind's impact is less acute, and the precipitation of the place is also lesser as well, compared to other locations in the island.

Based on the latitude of Punat, the temperature expected in it would reach 4.6 degrees Celsius compared to the yearly temperature of 14.5 degrees Celsius. This is largely caused by the warm sea's influence. There is a noticeable climate impact on Punat especially during winter. January is the month that is the coldest, with an average of 5.4 degrees Celsius in its temperature.

July, on the other hand, is the hottest month with 24.2 degrees Celsius. This July heat suits the hot summer in the Mediterranean. This climate endears different tourists, whether local or foreign. The climate of Punat rather helps in its tourism quality and adds interest in its features.

Certainly, Punat Krk has become a historical place, and though it started simply as a fisherman's settlement, it has now grown into a place of interest and enjoyment. People gather in this place to enjoy the wonders of nature and the offers provided by the beauty of the scenery.

Short video of Punat (1:25 min.)

The sea provides the people serenity, and the sky incorporates calmness with the place. Punat is definitely one place that travelers would never dare to miss when in Croatia. It is one place that can provide different satisfaction with regards to accommodations, scenery, and environment.

Indeed, the climate, the people, the views, and the landscape definitely help people get hooked on Punat.

The whole place provides enticement to the eyes, and the experience along with it is one that shall definitely be remarkable and unforgettable.

Nevertheless, you may want to make sure that you can get yourself a good accommodation, when you decide to visit the Krk island.

Recommended Hotels in Punat

1. Hotel Park Punat - the Park Hotel has an international standard with all the conveniences expected in a hotel in it's class. It's not in the upper class but for the price a real bargain. Also don't forget the it's located right in Punat.

2. Kanajt Hotel Punat - the Kanajt Hotel is within the premium segment and has outstanding ratings from guests. All in all a really charming place to stay and a great starting point for your trips on the island of Krk.

3. Omorika Hotel Punat - the Omorika is a great middle-class hotel in Punat and ideal for travelers with limited budget.

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