Question about mountains and TV transmitter towers in Croatia

by Sibbele
(The Netherlands)


I have a question if I may.
I hope you can help me.

I’m going on a holiday to Croatia this summer.

I have a hobby and that is spotting TV transmitter towers. I will start my vacation in Zadar. Then I’m planning to go to Psunj. There is a TV transmitter Tower.

I have seen the photo’s on Google earth and I know I can get there. I will also hire a car.

I stay in Nova Gradiska in a hotel.

The question now is this:
Is it possible to drive to the TV Transmitter Tower? Or get there by car and park the car somewhere and then walk to the Tower?

If I have to walk, how far is it walking to the base of the tower?

After that the journey goes further to Rjieka.
I’m also going to Mount Ucka. There is also a TV transmitter tower. Is it possible to get there by car? Or do I have to walk the last piece.

Here is the link of the tower:

I hope you can help me with this, or do you know who can?

Kind Regards

Mr. S.Wijnia
The Netherlands

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