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Once you visit Rab island, you won't want to leave...

The island of Rab is located in Kvarner Bay in the northern Adriatic.

A majestic mainland mountain called Velebit protects the island from the cold. As a result, the air in Rab is always clean, fresh, and warm.

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The average annual temperature is about 7 degrees in the winter and 26 degrees in the summertime. The mercury hovers above
18 degrees for more than 140 days a year.

In the summer the mild Mediterranean breezes make for pleasant weather.

The waves lapping the shores of this beautiful island are crystal clear, traveling from the Mediterranean northbound stream.

The sea itself is a warm 24 degrees in the summer.

Photo Rab island

On the northeastern coast of the island you'll find a lofty hill called Kamenjak. This hill is part of the reason why the sun shines on Rab for an amazing 2460 hours each year - it blocks the rough continental winds blowing toward the island.

Take a ferry to reach Rab

The best way to reach the island is by ferry. A small shipping company called Rapska Plovidba d.d. provides ferry service between Jablanac and Misnjak on the southern tip of the island.

It only takes 12 minutes to cross - the ferry operates all year long. In the summer a second ferry service crosses between Lopar in the north and Baska on the island of Krk - this crossing takes about an hour.

Photo ferry Rab island

Rab has been occupied for thousands of years. Recorded history dates the town all the way back to 10 B.C., as mentioned in an ancient Roman document in which Octavian Augustus declares it a municipium and affords the island independence.

The vegetation on Rab is lush and vibrant, dotted with native holly oak - the Mediterranean climate has contributed to the growth of magnificent evergreen forests.

The island has about 9,000 inhabitants, but this number rises significantly in the summer when tourists from other parts of Croatia and the world come to enjoy the lovely weather and beautiful beaches.

The island provides about 16,000 beds in private accommodation to deal with the flocks of vacationers who come to Rab every summer. The tourism industry plays a major part in the economics of the island.

Choose from a variety of activities

There are tons of fun activities to enjoy on Rab island - cultural events include outdoor music festivals, as well as other enjoyable performances. Or, you can visit art galleries and partake in street exhibitions.

In Roman times Rab was already developed, and provided the comforts of civilization, such as running water, baths, temples, a theater, and a network of streets. It shouldn't be a surprise that this sunny island was given the name Felix (happy).

Swim in the warm waters of the ocean and relax on the sandy beaches...

Photo of a man relaxing on the beach

If you are planning a trip to Croatia, take the ferry over to Rab island, and plan to stay awhile.

"The weather is amazing, especially in the summer,
and the people are warm and friendly."

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