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Rafting in Croatia is definitely a way to admire in all its beauty the splendour of the landscape, rather than proving yourself that you can overpass your limits!

Don't expect great momentousness from the Croatian waters - the classification of difficulty is average category III, with only two rivers - Dobra and Una - inviting for rafting on category IV of difficulty.

The amazing beauty of the Croatian rivers were, for a very long time, the land of kayaking adventurers and fishermen - rafting in Croatia became a modern form of adventure only at the end of '80s. While rafting in Croatia, the landscape makes it all - especially the continental waters, surrounded by majestic peaks and dense forests.

The magic of the crystal clear rivers, of sheer canyons and green river banks attract nowadays thousands of people!

Rafting in Croatia - that's me enjoying the ride on the waves.

That's me on a great rafting trip.
(Note: identity of other persons made irrecognizable for privacy reasons)

The most popular river for rafting is definitely Cetina river, in Central Dalmatia, slowly passing among canyons, rocks and hills rising above it. The calm waters of this river will remind you of your comfortable deck chair you left on the beach.

Still, Cetina has its surprises too!

The first hours of the adventure trip on Cetina start flow on a lazy river, while the second half of the trip brings you some challenges, an you'll require life jackets and group maneuvers for everyone on board.

Rafting on Cetina river in Croatia.

Preparation and briefing for the rafting trip.
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Cetina river might be the most popular for the landscape, but if you really wanna hit the whitewater, head to Karlovac. The three rivers converging within few miles and the other rivers in the area will offer you the adrenaline you're longing for.

Rafting is really a lot of fun.

Me again, of course fully equipped for safety reasons.
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Mreznica river abounds with waterfalls, while Kupa river is part of Risnjak National Park, flowing between high mountain slopes - it is only accessible in spring, when rains and melting ice offer enough water to enjoy your rafting adventures.

On the other hand, Dobra is a real challenge, being one of the only two rivers with category IV difficulty waters. Dobra river was the first river in Croatia where commercial rafting tours were organized.

Our group on the rafting trip.

Our rafting team.
(Note: identity of other persons made irrecognizable for privacy reasons)

Rafting in the Plitvice lakes area

A very popular spot all year long for its magic landscape, Plitvice Lakes National Park is also a hit for the rafting enthusiasts.

Rafting in Croatia - Plitvice lakes.

That's a scenery of the Plitvice lakes area.

The Korana river issues from the heart of this national park, and you will simply fall in love with its picturesque site of Rastoke, while rafting downstream through the canyon.

Other rivers popular for rafting in Croatia are:

  • Krka river in the national park with the same name (rafting being the only way to explore this land),

  • Zrmanja river, wrapping the foot of Velebit mountain, and creating the most beautiful canyon in Croatia,

  • and of course, Una river. Una is actually the natural border between Croatia and Bosnia, and offers great conditions for rafting – the second river with category IV difficulty. The hit of this river is actually the 20 meters high Strabacki waterfall, offering great rafting conditions on its downstream.

Excursion boat in Supetar (Brac island).

You can also find excursion boats which bring you directly to your rafting spot on river Cetina. I made this picture of such a boat in Supetar (Brac island).

What are the costs of a rafting trip?

The cost of a classic trip for rafting in Croatia varies between 20 and 40 Euros per person, and includes the equipment. The highest request for these trips being in springtime when ice is melting and the waters are more savage, and in summer high season, when tourists look for an alternative to sun, sand and sea activities.

While rafting in Croatia, you can choose to mix your adventure with a camping trip by the riverside. Just enjoy the savage scenery and the lush vegetation and make the most of your adventurous tour!

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