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When it comes about the Mediterranean travel classics, the battle between the bordering countries is very tough.

From Spain and France to Italy, Greece, Turkey and Croatia, there is a lot to see, smell, hear, taste and catch on camera.

As all of them offer the same items you love during holidaying at seaside - lovely beaches and romantic landscapes of mountains and sea, it's really hard to take a decision about who comes next, and the difference is made by what turns them special.

At least I can convince you with the Top 5 reasons to travel to Croatia first, and there's a lifetime more to explore the rest!

1. A Sailing Paradies

...with fifty modern marinas, clear turquoise waters, romantic coast cities to stop visiting for, and more than a thousand islands, the Croatian coast is a place where every boat passionate would dream to sail!

Sailboats anchoring at the Zlatni Rat beach (Brac island).

Sailboats near the Zlatni Rat beach (Brac island).

From North to South, along dramatic or romantic coast landscapes, in your own luxury yacht, or onboard of a chartered one, wind-in-your-face, you will discover the complete freedom you've so much longed for.

Sailboat near Split.

Sailboat near Split (photographed from a ferry).

Sailing in the sunset.

Sailboat in Zadar - Sky had this beautiful red color from sunset.

2. The National Park Plitvice Lakes

...a magic chain of sixteen crystal clear green lakes and waterfalls surrounded by lush forests, this park is the most spectacular of the eight national parks in Croatia, and also a Unesco protected site.

Me discovering the Plitivice lakes.

Yep, that's me :-) Beautiful small waterfalls in the background - and the wooden trails...

Hiking, rafting, cycling, watching the rare and savage fauna and flora, or simply find your inner peace in the middle of nature, the Plitvice Lakes offers you a great deal of spending lovely time for a day or for a whole holiday, being one of the main reasons to travel to Croatia!

Watef flowing over stones.

The water in the Plitvice lakes seem to come from everywhere - it's fantastic!

Wooden trails through the Plitvice lakes national park.

Wooden trails through reeds.

3. The Gulet Tours

...a great way to discover the splendid harbour cities of Dubrovnik, Korcula island, Split, Trogir or Hvar island and the whole history-reach coastline.

The gulet is a romantic and picturesque pinewood sailing boat, made in Turkey, and it can accommodate around 12 people. These tours can combine accommodation on Brac island and day exploring of the Dalmatian Coast.

Gulet in the harbor of Split.

Gulet in the harbor of Split.

4. Istria

...a bucolic countryside, with undulating green hills, crowned by medieval towns, great gastronomy in family-run restaurants and fantastic wines, Istria is lately renown as "the new Tuscany".

Check-in one of the charming stone villas with pool, rent a car and explore on your own this countryside paradise. Don't miss the coast cities of Pula - an excellent preserved Roman amphitheatre and Rovinj - a romantic old Venetian harbour.

5. Croatia Is Still Relatively Cheap

...Croatia is the cheapest country in the Mediterranean - and you agree this is one of the most important reasons to travel to Croatia, after all we presented until now!

Being the new hit in the Mediterranean, after the long years of shadow in the republic of Yugoslavia, Croatia adopted the best way to make your holiday and convince you come back again and again - excellent value for less money, especially for meals and private accommodation.

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