Route for beach and vineyard lovers in Croatia

by Corrine

Good Morning!!

I was just looking thru your site and love what I see. We have been thinking about traveling to Croatia and are in the early stages of deciding. Can you recommend a route for beach and vineyard lovers?

Any advice would be great!!

Thank you and have a fantastic day!!


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Hi Corrine,

in general you can find fantastic beaches all over Croatia (along the coastline and in the islands - Croatia has more than 1000 islands and isles). If you ask me about my personal top spots with the most beautiful beaches - I would think about those two beaches first:

1) Hvar island
It's located in the southern part of Croatia and you can reach the island via ferry. I visited Hvar island last year and have published the ferry ride here (due to the lack of time I haven't published all photos and comments for Hvar itself... but it's on my to-do list):
Click on the following link to see some photos of the ferry ride from Drvenik to Sucuraj.

By the way, Hvar has some breathtaking beaches with crystal clear azure waters!

2) The famous Zlatni Rat beach in Brac island (USAtoday rated this beach into the top 50 beaches worldwide).

As for vineyards (funny by the way, because I also love wine and vineyards and have a separate website about wine clubs and wine - on the home page you can see a photo of myself in one of the many Croatian vineyards (scroll down): )

Croatia has a lot of vineyards (most people don't know that)! But, the best place for grapes to grow is in the hinterland. So, you would need to take a trip off the beautiful coastline. Zagreb (Croatia's capitla) and the norhtern area of "Varazdin" is THE spot in Croatia for wine.

Hope that helps!

Kind regards,

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