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If you can't imagine your summer holiday without fine sand, the stones and rocks of the Rovinj beaches might turn a bit disappointing for you.

However, the discrete charm of the coast, the originality of each of the beaches surrounding Rovinj, and the fascinating submarine life will win your heart and invite you for exploring!

The bay of Rovinj lays on the Istrian Riviera, 36 km south of the romantic Porec, and from the very first sight will give you the feeling that you are stepping in a colorful postcard.

Map of Rovinj

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The beaches in Rovinj captivate with the blissful spectacle of strange shaped rocks and romantic turquoise bays, bordered by beaches covered in small pebbles shimmering under the Adriatic sun.

What about private bays?

Although it might seem inaccessible, the Rovinj coast will offer you the special pleasure to have your own private bay, and be the king of the beach for a day, away from the hustle and bustle of the popular cities and beaches.

Long swims in the blue infinity of the Adriatic, catching small crabs and giving them back the freedom, working on your tan, are the rules of the day on the Rovinj beaches.

Family friendly...

These small beach stones make the bays suitable for kids too, as the access to the sea is gently sloping, and they can also throw the stones into the water and have fun constructing stone castles.

Shimmering pebbles at a Rovinj beach.

Shimmering pebbles

The beaches of Skaraba Bay and Cape Rusi are perfectly suitable for the teens, with high rocks over the deep sea making possible the acrobatic jumps. Make sure you explore a bit the area and the depth of the sea before you make your jump.

If you still long for a smooth beach, the Rovinj authority found the solution especially for you - the fine gravel in the Kuvi Bay, Villas Rubin and Lone Bay. In return, these beaches in Rovinj are very popular and can get very crowded in high season.

When having enough of sun and sea (is this possible?) you can sip a cold beer and have a light meal in one of the many cafes and bars sprinkled along the beach.


Tip: For hygiene reason, I recommend not to buy juices and snacks from the direct sellers walking along the beach.

The lush underwater spectacle and the clear waters along the The beaches around Rovinj make the area a paradise for snorkeling and scuba diving. Especially along Valalta and Villas Rubin beaches, the waters are extremely clean and there are strict rules for protecting the underwater eco-system. The Valalta beach earned a Blue Flag in 2000 for the ecologic high standards, so if you're a green person, you found your place!

With a stunning scenery of rocks, shimmering pebbles and endless seas, the lovely Rovinj beaches should definitely be on your make-a-memory list!

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