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Rovinj in my eyes is, besides Primosten, THE most picturesque town you can find on the coast...

Rovinj is a vibrant city located in Istria, a peninsula in Croatia, which is also located near Vienna and Munich.

The climate here is basically Mediterranean, though you can experience much colder weather during the month of December and January.

Despite the considerable number of people who are living in the island, the place is usually deserted, and would only become alive during the later part of the night. This situation may change, however, once the weather becomes more humid, and summer starts to kick in.

Croatian city Rovinj

From morning until late evening, you can see throngs of people enjoying their vacation. Plenty of them are, of course, crowding the beach, while the others could be lounging at cafes, pizza parlors, and restaurants. At nighttime, you can expect countless live performances and concerts.

Music varies, from pop to classical. The art galleries will never run out of exhibits such as paintings and sculptures from both well-known and budding Croatian artists.

You can also be part of Grisia, an open-air art exhibit held in Grisia Street, one of the oldest in Istria.


In Rovinj, you can have every good thing in the world: cool beaches, a nice place to stay in, delicious dishes, fine restaurants and cafes, and endless night and day of fun and excitement.

Are There Any Beaches Around?


You don't want to miss the beaches of Rovinj. The coastlines are absolutely inviting, though the entire city has still a lot of secret coves and bays that are waiting to be explored.

If you want some privacy, you may venture into those beaches that are located a little far from the city proper. They may not have complete facilities, but there are fewer people who would be gathering there, so you can really have peace and quiet.

The bays here are not only perfect for adults, but they are also excellent for the kids!

They can simply play around and pick up the smooth stones that are scattered all over the bay. For those who are brave enough, they can look for higher rocks and jump from a high point down into the sea.

Nevertheless, it's very important that before you let anyone do this stunt, you or someone has checked the height of the water. There can be some shallow points, which may cause injury.

Get A First Feeling Of The Town (4:30 min.)

You will never go hungry once you're in this beautiful city. Besides the fact that there are plenty of foods, the people are experienced and well-versed cooks. They know how to make every meal sumptuous and gastronomic :-)

Because of their close proximity to the sea, the dishes are mostly composed of sea foods, like fish, mussel, crabs, squid, and shrimp. You may also feast on lambs and drink their locally produced wines.

Accommodation is never a problem in Rovinj. There are hundreds of them. Some are hotels, while others are inns and guesthouses. You can also stay in an apartment, especially if you are planning to be there for a longer period of time.

There are also camping grounds, with facilities, when you want to stay overnight in a park or any natural surrounding.

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