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Sailing Croatia - memories for life ...

Croatia is fast becoming a favorite destination among sailors from Europe and from the rest of the world.

This is largely due to its beautiful coastline, filled with interesting landmarks and scenic areas that are largely unspoiled by human encroachment and activities.

With more than a thousand islands, there are a lot of sailing destination options in Croatia. Only more than a hundred of these islands are officially inhabited.

Some of the uninhabited islands have secluded bays that are perfect for mooring in and enjoying the beach in total privacy. In addition, most of the country enjoys a Mediterranean climate that is quite favorable for this kind of aquatic sport.

Sailing along the Croatian coast

Sailing Croatia: Make Preparations

However, the Adriatic Sea has a reputation of being unpredictable, making preparations and first-hand sailing knowledge invaluable as one ventures further out into the sea.

Heeding weather forecasts is also a prudent thing to do, as winds tend to change directions in a matter of minutes in this area. Familiarity with the usual weather conditions and knowledge on wind characteristics are also quite advantageous among sailors.

Most nights are cool enough to make an evening at sea quite pleasant and even romantic for couples who decide to spend special events at sea.

The advantage of doing this, of course, is the total privacy you'll enjoy, especially if you choose to charter a yacht all by yourself.

Sailing Croatia: When Is The Best Time?

The best time to sail to Croatia is during the summer season, when daylight hours are long and abundant sunshine is enjoyed. It is also during this season that cyclones occur in lesser frequency compared to other times in the year.

The sea water during this season is also warm - at the range of 24 degrees to 27 degrees - perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

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There are also a lot of boats to be chartered when visitors wish to embark on fishing trips. The rich marine life in the area will ensure a good catch almost every time a line is thrown.

Crews of sailing vessels can also take visitors to good fishing spots, some of them known only to a few people.

There are numerous marinas in cities and villages lining Croatia's coastline and more are expected to be constructed as the country is expected to make its inevitable march toward tourism development. Moorings are also offered in small fishing villages, though expect the bays and harbors of this country to be crowded during the tourist season.

Bays you can reach by boat

You can reach beautiful bays along the Croatian coast.

As a sailing vessel arrives in Croatia, a cruising permit must be obtained after furnishing list of full crew expected to stay onboard. Those who arrive in the country by land or air may charter boats from numerous tour providers to enhance their holiday experiences.

There are a lot of options available for beginners and for those with advanced sailing knowledge.

There are also a number of options available in terms of types of vessels visitors can charter, ranging from motorboats to luxury yachts.

Cruises are also offered for those who wish to explore in style, with all amenities and services provided on board.

"Wish you sunny weather, a safe and memorable sailing trip :-)"

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