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What do you think about Sibenik?

... here are more photos of Sibenik - enjoy the second part of this photo series.

Promenade of Sibenik Croatia with fishing boats.

Like any other coastal town in Croatia, you have to visit the promenade. Here you'll find Cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops. Please remember that I took those photos in March (off season). In July or August (peak season) the weather is much better and there are way more people!

Southern view of the promenade in Sibenik.

That's the southern view of the promenade. There are benches - great for relaxing a few minutes and just enjoying the atmosphere.

Adriatic sea right in front of Sibenik.

The Adriatic with the offending peninsula. Yes, Sibenik is "harbored" through a peninsula.

Greenery and waterfront street in front of the Cathedral.

When you step out of the Sv. Jakov Cathedral - this is the view towards the Adriatic. From here you can walk along the water in both directions. If you take the left side, you will come to the marina of Sibenik with fabulous yachts. You'll also return to the center with lots of shopping possibilities.

The right side is great for Cafes and will also guide you to the "main promenade" of Sibenik which gets really crowded during high season.

Alley in Sibenik

Those alleys are typical for the Croatian cities - historical, romantic and very exciting to discover new shops around the next corner :-)

Old stony street.

If you are a "history-buff", then you'll also love the old stony streets in Sibenik. Just imagine how many people walked over it!

Stony plaza in Sibenik Croatia

This is an old plaza in Sibenik...actually, one of the many plazas you'll find here.

Sibenik alley

A narrow alley again....

Stony houses in Sibenik

This is the look of most of the houses in Sibenik: natural stone.

Romantic plaza in Sibenik

One of the most beautiful plazas in Sibenik - it's located besides the Sv. Jakov Cathedral. Totally romantic architectural style, isn't it?

Your croatia travel guide in front of the Sv. Jakov Cathedral in Sibenik.

Me in front of Sibenik's greatest building - the Sv. Jakov Cathedral.

Some palm trees at the promenade of Sibenik Croatia.

Some greenery with palm trees right at Sibenik's beautiful promenade.

Me in front of some historical buildings in Sibenik.

You now know that person, right? :-)

Behind me - you can see some beautiful historical houses of Sibenik. I especially like the different colors!

Beautiful plaza of Sibenik Croatia.

The most beautiful plaza of Sibenik - this time from a wide angle Totally romantic, isn't it?.

View of some houses above the plaza in Sibenik Croatia.

Finally, some houses above the plaza (from the picture above).

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