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Ready for some more photos of Sibenik? Here we go....

Beautiful alley in Sibeniks old town

The old town of Sibenik houses many beautiful historical buildings. You'll find all these charming alleys between those buildings - yes, chances are good that you'll loose orientation as they are all looking very similar :-)

Hint: please be careful when it's raining - those stones can get very slick!

Stony stairs on the left side of the plaza.

This picture shows some stony stairs on the left side of the plaza (which I showed you on part two of this photo series).

Yellow house in Split Croatia.

A wall and a house built with natural stone - behind you can see a yellow house of Sibenik.

Bell in Sibenik / Croatian art

This is a "retro-photo" of me... at least I intended to make one! :-)

We found this bell around the corner (please don't ask me where exactly as we really lost orientation).

Plaza of Sibenik

THE plaza of Sibenik - really the most beautiful! On the right side of the photo you'll find the famous Sv. Jakov Cathedral ( Unesco world heritage site in Croatia).

Plaza in front of Sv. Jakov Cathedral

As I wrote in the beginning - it was rainy day. Nevertheless, a great trip!

This is the plaza right in front of the Sv. Jakov Cathedral in Sibenik.

Stony steps in Sibnik

You'll find these nice stony steps if you cross the plaza in the picture above. Downstairs you are at the promenade of Sibenik.

Statue in Sibenik

A statue in the plaza from the pictures above.

Stony alley in Sibenik

Sibenik really seem to consist exclusively of stone!

Nice stoney street in Sibenik.

Isn't this a beautiful street?

Fountain in Sibenik

The photo above shows a fountain in one of the many alleys in Sibenik. Behind you can see a NAFNAF shop.

Great tree in Sibenik

What a nice tree!

Houses of Sibenik

Look up to a house in Sibneik.

That's it - my Sibenik photo series! I really hope you enjoyed watching it!

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