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Those Sibenik Photos below will show you why I love this small but enchanting coastal town in Dalmatia.

Not only will you find historical treasures like the Cathedral Sveti Jakov, fantastic restaurants and Cafes, but also gorgeous shopping possibilities - more talking to the women here ;-)

Also, please note: We made this trip to Sibenik in March, so the temperatur wasn't as high and we also had some rain. But nevertheless, this trip was very exciting and proved what a beautiful city Sibenik is.

OK - the let's start!

Photo of me in front of the Cathedral Sveti Jakov in Sibenik.

I will start with this picture as it shows one of the must-see's in Sibenik - the Cathedral Sveti Jakov, a beautiful historical building! You can't miss it. If you walk along the promenade you will come along the Cathedral as it is located right at the seaside of Sibenik. The promenade also provides many Cafes and restaurants with delicious Croatian cuisine.

The person in front of the Sveti Jakov Cathedral, yep - that's me :-)

View up to the fortification of Sibenik.

Here you can see the fortification of Sibenik above these houses.

Nice bridge on the way to Sibenik.

This is a beautiful bridge which you will cross if you are coming from the north (Zadar area). Sibenik is just around 5 km away from the bridge.

This photo shows the bridge on the left side and Sibenik on the right side.

This photo shows the bridge on left side and you can see Sibenik on the right side. The city is also very popular among sailors with beautiful bays in the surrounding.

View from a parking lot in front of the bridge towards the coastal town Sibenik.

Aerial view with Sibenik on the horizon. The water might look like a like but it's the Adriatic.

That's me again, sitting on a wall with Sibenik in the background 
(something around 5 km away from the town).

Me again, sitting on a wall right in front of the bridge which you saw on the pictures above. This is also a great stop before you explore the city - you can't miss this parking lot on the right side when driving towards Sibenik.

Zoomed photo of Sibenik.

Zoomed photo of Sibenik - that time I haven't had my digital SLR camera, so the quality of the image isn't the best.

That's the opposite direction - view from Sibenik towards the bridge 
which you saw on previous pictures.

Now, this is a picture from Sibenik towards the bridge.

Chapel with old houses around, fortification of Sibenik above.

Chapel, houses and the fortification.

Very old guns near an entrance to the old town of Sibenik.

This photo shows very old guns in front of a city gate to Sibenik's old town.

Closer view of those guns and city gate.

I really like this "historical flavour" all over the city. Here a closer view onto the guns and the city gate.

Plaza of Sibenik on the sea side.

Plaza of Sibenik with view towards the promenade.

Banners in the wind.

Some banners in the wind on the plaza.

View onto the Adriatic.

That's the area around the Cathedral Sveti Jakov (looking downstairs). As you can see, we had a raining day. Nevertheless, we had a great day in Sibenik :-)

Street with cars along the waterfront.

This is part of the waterfront area of Sibenik.

I hope you enjoyed these Sibenik photos! :-)

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