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Silba island offers you some great spots for relaxation and privacy...

Silba is a small island that is located near the Kvarner Gulf and the Adriatic Sea. It is also bounded by the islands of Olib and Premuda.

Silba is under the administration of the Zadar archipelago, and it has two sister islands, namely, Olib and Molat.

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The next big coastal town to Silba is Zadar.

How to reach Silba?

Don't worry - it's easy. To reach Silba island, you can either take a boat or a ferry, which leaves daily from Zadar.

You can also go to Rijeka, or Mali Losinj (Losinj island), where the same modes of transportation leave at least twice or thrice every week. The travel time from the mainland to Silba is between 2 and 3 hours.

I must confess - the island of Silba is far from being called well developed. For one, this is not the place for those who are always used to an active lifestyle. There's no other mode of transportation in the island itself, as there are no roads where motorcycles and cars can pass through.

There are no hotels and motels. Accommodations are usually in forms of apartments.

Stressed? Here You'll Find Relaxation And Privacy...

Nevertheless, the beauty and the peacefulness offered by Silba island makes it a perfect getaway for those who are looking for relaxation and privacy!

The weather at Silba is usually warm, which means the beaches are truly inviting for those who want to take a dip at the Adriatic Sea. There are also plenty of water activities that you can do here, such as diving, snorkeling, water skiing, and, of course, cruising. Of course, there are several beach choices that you can find in Silba.

One of the most popular is the Pocukmarak, which is also considered as the biggest of all. It is found at the southern portion of Silba island. The shores are mainly composed of gravel, but the waters are very clean, blue, and clear.

You can choose to camp or dine at the Cafe bar found within the beach. You can also follow walk around 100 meters up on the hill where the St. Marko Church was once built. One of the oldest local cemeteries is also located in this hill.

Are you a nature lover? Here you are right :-)

Dobre Vode can be a no man's land, because there are certainly no facilities that you can use. There are also no shops, cafes, restaurants, and other establishments found within the area.

Nevertheless, it's the most ideal spot for real nature adventure trips. There are also not a lot of people who go to Dobre Vode, so you can basically have the island all by yourselves. To reach the beach, you still have to walk a very narrow path for around 45 minutes.

A trip to the island of Silba will never be complete without going to Sotorisce. It is one of the most gorgeous beaches you can see in Croatia. The bottom surface of the water is mostly covered by sand; thus, the color turns to light green every time the sun's reflection will hit the waters.

This beach can always expect droves of tourists to arrive, mainly because it's very accessible. It's also almost complete with modern facilities such as volley, football, and basketball courts. There are also tables prepared for those who want to play table tennis. You can also rent boats and kayaks.

"Happy exploring - and enjoy your privacy :-)"

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