Singer of First Song in Youtube Video 2006 Primosten

by Vera

I watched the wonderful video of Primosten from the Youtube you had on your website.

The first song was just incredibly beautiful and I am going to Croatia in two weeks and would love to know who the singer was so as to purchase a CD?

Thank you so much for such beauty!!

V Ketko

Comments for Singer of Primosten Video

Hi Vera!

I listened to this song in the Primosten video a couple of times. I am really sorry but I wasn't able to find out the name of the singer/band.

All I know is that it's a Dalmatian band. The song is typically for this region - but there are so many great singers out there :-)

If you like this type of music I would recommend you two exceptional singers that I also like very much:

My favorite is "Oliver". He has some exceptionally albums and you will get his CDs in every music store in Croatia.

The other one (saw him live on a concert on Vir island in 2009) is "Mladen Grdovic".

I hope this is an alternative for you - sorry that I can't help you with the song inside the Primosten video.

Greetings to Canada and I wish you a wonderful vacation in Croatia. Enjoy it!


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