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Slavonia is a region located in the eastern part of Croatia that is bordered by major rivers, the Sava to the south, the Danube to the east, and the Drava to the north

It is composed of five counties, under which are several cities and towns, the biggest of which is Osijek.

Location of Slavonia

In the town of Vinkovci is a church that was constructed in 11th century. It bears pre-Romanesque architectural style and is considered a prominent cultural monument of the country. The town also plays host to the popular Vinkovci Autumns music festival, which focuses on folk music and traditional customs of the region.

Visitors who are lucky enough to participate in this festival will get to enjoy several musical performances and view the locals proudly wearing their traditional costumes. They will also get to sample some of the traditional dishes in the area such as flavored sausages. This event is capped by a closing parade characterized by much revelry and merry making.

Also located within the region of Slavonia is the city of Vukovar. It is a major port city of the country, owing to its location at the confluence of the Vuka river into the Danube. The city also boasts of a rich heritage, with numerous old buildings that fell into ruins following the recent war in the area in 1998. One example of which is the Eltz Manor that was built in the 18th century.

There are also several religious structures in the city that are considered popular landmarks. Among them are the Franciscan monastery, the church of St. James, and the church of St. Nicholas. Though there is a unified effort among locals to rebuild their town, the ravages brought on by war are still very much evident. Around the city are several beaches that are ideal for fishing and bathing, especially during summer. Visitors can also head out to Vucedol, where an archaeological site is located.

Situated along the right bank of river Drava is the city of Osijek, considered to be the center of economic and cultural activities in Slavonia. Visitors can take leisurely strolls at the promenade along the river, where there are plenty of scenic sights to enjoy. Other interesting destinations in the city are the Municipal Park of King Petar Kresimir IV and the Tomislav Park, public spaces for hiking and picnics.

A zoological garden is also located along the river and is a popular attraction among families with small children. Every May, Osijek also plays host to the Croatian Tambura Music Festival in which tambura orchestras present numerous performances for the enjoyment of the crowd. There are also several open-air performances organized during the Summer Nights festival during the months of June, July, and August.

This is also the chance for visitors to sample local cuisine and delicacies as there are several fairs organized during this festival. The nearby Copacabana is considered a sports and recreational center of the area, with numerous sports facilities available. It is particularly popular during the summer months, where patrons can enjoy football, basketball, and other ball sports in its numerous playgrounds.

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