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Solta island is one of the most famous islands that form part of Dalmatia.

It's also just an hour away from Dalmatia, which is considered to be a cultural and economic hub of the country.

Solta is a very beautiful island. It's blessed with a very long coastline, spanning 60 kilometers, 24 bays, and 4 harbors, which makes this island one of the most accessible. There are also plenty of fast motorboats that can take you from the mainland to Solta that traveling time is just less than 30 minutes.

Larger view

Solta island is a well-known tourist destination because of its natural beauty and the simple life of the people. It's common to wake up and see fishermen getting ready for work while wives and other members of the family are tending the household or cooking various authentic Dalmatian cuisines.

A huge portion of Solta is composed of lush vegetation. In fact, there is 2,000 hectares of unspoiled forests. The people of the island also love to cultivate the soil and plant varieties of trees, shrubs, and grasses.

Common plants that you can see in the area are fig, almond and olives. There are also vineyards, which are excellent sources of wines such as pinot.

Olive tree

Olive trees

What to Do in Solta island?

The activities that you can do in Solta basically depend on what you want to do. For example, if you want to get a taste of their delectable cuisines, you should go to Maslinica. It's a small fishing village, where there are several sea food restaurants and cafes.

Their dishes are mainly composed of squids, fish, and other aquatic finds. You can also taste some delicious gourmet meals in the all-time-favorite Marchi Palace. Maslinica also has the best view of the sunset.

The best place to see all of Solta will be on top of Vela Straza. It is around 235 meters above sea level. This place, which is located in Gornje Selo, gives you the most magnificent view of the town, as well as that of the Adriatic Sea and even other neighboring islands. To get there, you can travel by car. Within 15 minutes, you can already be walking on a narrow path that will lead you to the top.

Of course, if you can't get enough with your shopping experience, you can always take a ferry back to Split.

Promenade of Split

Split is famous for its' palm trees!

Though the town is one of the oldest in all of Croatia, there are a lot of new shopping centers, restaurants, and even hotels in the area.

You can also spend your time walking around the city, where you can see some remnants of the past such as the bell tower of the church of St. Dujam. There are also several wine cellars in Vestibul and Peristil.

One should also never dare miss to see the old Solta in Srednje Selo, Donje, and Gornje. Most of the homes contain Roman influences; even the streets are narrow. You can travel by car or ride a donkey, which is actually one of the most typical modes of transportation in the island.

"Enjoy your time there!"

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