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Have a look at my Split photos... and see why Split (in my eyes) is one of the top spots in Croatia!

Historcial buildings of Split with a tower of the Diocletian Palce

Split is very reachable. You can get there with a ferry, aircraft or car. If you arrive by car - this is the parking lot which is right next to the promenade. Try to get there earlier in the morning because it is generally very crowded. BUT, in nearby streets you will always find a parking lot. Don't worry :-)

Beautiful waterfront promenade of Split

This is the view along the waterside of the promenade.

A very nice historical building with palm trees right at the promenade of Split

I absolutely love the historical buildings! And in Split you will find dozens of those beautiful buildings. For me it's always a very "special" atmosphere. The picture above shows such a nice building right at the promenade of Split.

Aerial view with people walking around

Here you can see the famous promenade of Split with the white stone. What's also very typical for the scenery of Split? Yes, the palm trees :-)

The newly built promenade of Split

Promenade again...

Photo of the statue of Marko Marulic in Split

Statue of Marko Marulic (1450 - 1524).

View over the promenade of Split from the end

View over the promenade from the other side. In this picture, the Adriatic is on the right hand.

Croatian art in Split (benches integrated into the ground)

As you can see - the new promenade has some great touches in terms of art.

Fantastic view onto the Diocletian Palace in Split

I love this photo! You can see the palm trees of Split, the blue Adriatic and the Diocletian palace in the background.

Diocletian Palace, historical buildings and Dinaric mountain range in the background

The high tower of the Diocletian palace with the old buildings in the foreground and the Dinaric mountain range in the background.

View to the marina of Split through palm trees

Here you can see the marina of Split with fabulous boats :-)

Boats ankering in the marina of Split

Dozens of great yachts all over there. I always love to have a look at marinas and their boats...

Luxury motor yachts in the marina of Split

Even bigger yachts...

Even more luxury yachts in the marina of Split

Marina aerial view...

Seaside view onto the old town of Split

I took this photo from the marina. As you can see, from here you have a wonderful view onto the old town of Split. Practically, the promenade streches all along the palm trees.

If you want to visit the marina yourself, keep in mind that you need to calculate about 15 minutes (by foot) from the promenade.

Seaside view onto Split with the promenade, palm trees, Diocletian Palace and the Dinaric mountain range

Same perspective as above - just closer.

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