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Let me show you even more great Split photos (a beautiful coastal city, isn't it?)...

Split with catamaran from the seaside

I took this picture from a ferry (we visited Brac island and the famous Zlatni Rat beach). You can see a catamaran sailing along the promenade as well as houses of Split.

Split with ferries and Dinaric mountain range

The ferry left the harbor and I photographed the gigantic Dinaric mountain range behind Split. As you can see - it's very cliffy, and in my eyes makes the scenery that more interesting.

Wooden sail ship near the promende

This is one of the Split photos I also like very much. There was this old wooden sail ship right before the promenade. It somehow completes the atmosphere of the old town, the old buildings and ... this beautiful ship :-)

Skyline of Split from seaside

There are these high apartment buildings (well, high compared to the normal height of Croatian buildings).

Skyline of Split from seaside

Skyline of Split from the seaside.

Marina of Split with luxury yachts and apartment houses in the background

That's the entrance of the marina with plenty of luxury yachts. In the background you can see newly built apartments (fantastic location and breathtaking views).

Palm trees, fishing boats and the Diocletian Palace

Way back to the old town of Split (from the marina). There are four things in this photo which I love:

  1. Blue sky
  2. Diocletian palace in the background (a must see)
  3. Pictorially palm trees along the way
  4. Fishing boats

Street towards the old town of Split

That's one of the many streets to the old town. You can't miss it. Walk to the end of the promenade - then right. Here are also a lot of nice shops. Perfect for the ladies :-) But, what about the men?

Don't like shopping so much? My tip for the men: there are so many great shops and your girlfriend/wife is in good hands. From here, it's a 10 - 15 minutes walk to the marina with all those nice boats. When you are back, you can pick up your girlfriend/wife and keep visiting the rest of Split.

Palm trees with restaurant on the right side

You can find some fantastic restaurants right next to the parking lot near the promenade. Nobody can miss them. They are at the right side of the palm trees, if you look at the picture above.

Restaurant and palm trees

This is the restaurant with the glassy roof. They have delicious croatian food and also international kitchen. I can also recommend the pasta, pizza and seafood.

Entrance to substructure of Diocletian's Palace

This is one of the entrances to the substructure of Diocletians' Palace.

Nearest parking lot to the promenade of Split

Nearest parking lot with historical buildings and palm trees.

Historical building of Split with palm trees in front

Closer view onto the buildings (they must have a breathtaking view over the Ocean...)

Benches under palm trees besides the promenade of Split

There are many benches under wonderful palm trees. This is the right place to have a break, enjoy the view and just relax :-)

Benches with fantastic view over the Adriatic

Benches with fantastic views over the Adriatic.

Promenade of Split with benches and palm trees

As you can see, the promenade is just a few steps away... very close to great Cafes :-)

Beautiful historical buildings of Split

I love the old buildings of Split!

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