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Ready for more Split photos? Here we go..

Wooden boats ankering

As in any other coastal town in Croatia, you can make boat tours to other islands, other cities or National Parks. This is a great way to discover one of most beautiful aspects of Croatia: it's landscape. Most boats look similar to those in the picture above.

Market of Split (you can get some nice souvenirs there)

Looking for a souvenir from Split? Here at the local market you will find one. Most of the time you will find more things than you actually need.

What you SHOULD NOT buy at those markets:
There are all kinds of wrist watches from namable designers. Yes, they seem very cheap, usually less than around 100 Kunas (EUR 15, $20). As you can imagine, they are fakes and most of the time they break down a couple of month later. I am talking from experience, trust me :-)

Typically Split: huge palm trees along the promenade

What's so typically Split? Yes, the huge palm trees. I love them.

Beautiful architecture in Split

You can find great historical buildings everywhere in Split.

Split's historical buildings

The promenade of Split was recently renewed, including those large paving tiles.

Young people relaxing on benches of Split's promenade - historical buildings in the background

Young people relaxing - a church and other historical buildings in the background.

That's me in one of the alleys in Split

Yes - that's me in one of the alleys in Split. The rucksack is typically me. I carry my camera equipment most of the time as I always discover some nice spots.

Art in Split (feed hopper integrated into the ground)

In Split you can find art everywhere. This is a huge feed hopper which is integrated into the ground.

Inside the Diocletian Palace

I took this picture as we walked through the Diocletian Palace...

Old pillars of the Diocletian Palace

Some more pillars from the palace...

Lion statue of the Diocletian Palace

Lion statue in the Diocletian Palace...

Caf├ęs along the promenade of Split

Again, the whole promenade of Split with Cafes.

Huge palm tree in Split

One more picture of those beautiful palm trees...

Nearest parking lot in Split with palm trees and historical buildings

Finally, the parking lot were we started this photo series of Split.

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