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Susak island may be a little out of the way, but the journey here is worthwhile, for the views alone...

South of Istria in the Kvarner Bay, Susak is 7 km west of the island of Losinj.

A tiny Croatian island, Susak only has about 200 permanent residents, and covers an area of 4 square kilometers.

In Italian this island is called "Sansego".

Although a far distance from the mainland, you can reach Susak by ferry from the islands Losinj, Cres, and Rijeka.

Photo Susak island location

Susak differs from the other Croatian islands for geological reasons.

The limestone bedrock of the island is covered by many layers of fertile sand, which blanketed the island after having eroded from the Italian River Po.

Situated at a low elevation, Susak is one of the lowest-lying Croatian islands, at under 100 meters high.

It's also a significant distance from the Croatian mainland. This island has amazing sandy beaches and gorgeous rocks - a combination you can't find anywhere else!

Let's have a look onto the island via satellite

Larger view

Because Susak island is more isolated than the neighboring isles, it still practices many ancient traditions. The locals speak an archaic dialect, and wear unique folk costumes.

Susak island only has one village, located on the eastern side of the island in the bay of Dragoca. The village is divided into two parts - the older part of the village, called Gornje Selo, is situated at the top of the small hill. Gornje Selo means "upper village". The other half of the village is on the seashore, so it's referred to as Donje Selo (lower village).

Gornje Selo developed around the founding of a former Benedictine monastery (Sveti Nikola) in the 11th century - you can still visit the Sveti Nikola church today. This little island has a lot of history, stretching back all the way to the Roman era. Susak is also known for vineyards, growing grapes since Roman times. The wines from this region of Croatia are considered some of the best.

In the Middle Ages, around 1071 A.D., Susak was called Sansagus – it was at this time that Croatian King Kresimir gave the island to the Benedictines. Before WW2 the island had up to 1700 inhabitants, but many left for the United States due to hard times. Currently it is estimated that about 2500 people from Susak are living in the U.S.

Although Susak is a smaller island, it offers basic amenities such as a post office, tourist office, a medical center, and some good shopping, restaurants, and cafes.

Photo sunset beach

If you're planning a vacation to Croatia, set aside some time to visit Susak. This small island has a lot to offer - take the ferry and spend the day walking along the beach, sitting in the sunshine, and enjoying life. Susak is a nice quiet retreat from the mainland of Croatia, offering a pleasant sanctuary away from the more crowded islands.

The weather is perfect in the summer, with warm Mediterranean breezes sweeping the shores, and sunshine that lasts for 10 hours every day.

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