by Armand Rroshi
(Kruje, Albania)

View onto the old town of Dubrovnik with the Banje beach

View onto the old town of Dubrovnik with the Banje beach

A friend recommended Croatia a few years ago that it's a very beautiful country and will become even more beautiful. I went there twice and it was very satisfying.

It was a very romantic. The first time was a feeling that I had never experienced in my life. The first night in Dubrovnik will remain long in my life. First breakfast in Dubrovnik still in my mind because for the first time we woke up in a foreign country, but Croatia is not "huja" for me.

She is the love of my life and love of life living in Dubrovnik. Remember every second and I had a meeting with a girl from Dubrovnik in the Lapad. It is within my heart, along with Croatia.

I was in bed garments. The old town? Was something very impressive. Just feet futa surprise there. Watch as surprised. Everything was perfect. But something started and I felt in my heart that first day in Dubrovnik and it was my love for this country unknown to me.

Most do not understand why I’m more in love with this place. I visited Split. Makarska. Basca Voda. Zupa Dubrovacka .... I saw the Neretva river. It is fantastic.

What I saw in the Croatian people is courage. Determination to move forward and foremost they are very demanding in their work. They are very diligent and that is to be admired.

But above all they are very respectful and very friendly and I have a very great respect for Croats. Croatians built their country in a very fast time and I was surprised by this speed. I will never forget my days in Croatia and hope to go back to Dubrovnik soon.


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Sep 27, 2010
Thanks for your sharing your story about your love - Croatia
by: Tobias

Hi Armand,

thank you very much for sharing such inspirational thoughts with us!

In my opinion - those magic moments are priceless because they stay with you all life long. And they motivate you and spend energy when you need it. Just think about those moments and you will feel better...that's at least how I do it :-)

You photo of the Dubrovnik old town and the Banje beach in front is beautiful!

Thanks again and greetings to Albania!

All the best,

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