Three main foods in Croatia

by Amber
(West newton, PA)

Im doing a project on croatia for my enlgish class project for my heritage. Well i wanted to know what are their three main famous foods there and how they make them? Also my presintation starts on Tue,23rd,of feburary and i would appreciate it if i could get this answer very very soon Thank you.

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Hi Amber,

since Croatia has a lot of culinary influences from all over Europe it's not that easy to answer that question.

If you really want me to narrow the list down to three, I would nominate those three Croatian dishes (very high level):

1. Cevapcici (and other sorts of meat)
2. Grilled fish (all kinds of local fish)
3. Burek

Please note that this is my personal opinion only (and that was hard because you have so many delicious meals here in Croatia).

As for your second question - how to prepare them... I am more a travel guide and there are other people (and cooks) who could give you a way better answer :-) Also, there are hundreds of different ways in which you can prepare those meals.

Anyway, wish you all the best for your presentation - if you need a short list of the food in Croatia please have a look at my Croatian food page here (also very high level).

All the best,

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Feb 18, 2011
by: Amber

Thank you very much Tobias for answering my question i appreciate it very much and now i'll be able to work on this part of my presntation yet again thank you.
Sincerly Amber.

Jan 22, 2012
prosciutto and sarma!!
by: Maria

My favorite is "sarma" or cabbage rolls. with smoked meat and mashed potatoes it is great!!! and prosciutto in Croatia is first class!!

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