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Train travel in Croatia is the best way to get around.

The train network throughout the country is easy to use, inexpensive, and connects you to all the major destinations!

Local trains provide travel between the smaller towns, while the main system of trains run all the chief stops. The most common route is from Zagreb to Split, along the Croatian coast.

The Istrian region connects to the Slovenian train system. If you want to travel from place to place while visiting Croatia, take the train. It's the fastest way to get around, and the views along the way are spectacular!

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Advice to get your train pass

To come to Croatia by train, you take one of two routes - one goes to Zagreb, the other to Rijeka. To travel between countries in Europe, you have to purchase an InterRail train pass.

This flexible train pass covers unlimited travel on the Croatian Railways' network. You choose the days you want to travel, up to eight days within one month, and have the freedom to go wherever you want!

Photo Interrail-Global-Pass This pass is perfect for minor travelling. However, if you plan to take the train to neighboring countries for an extended period of time, buy an InterRail Global Pass. This gives you unlimited travel for an affordable price on the network of railways participating in the rail pass plan.

These are the major daily connections that travel to Croatia from other European cities:

Austria to Croatia:

Vienna to Zagreb is served by 2 trains daily.
Also available: Vienna to Rijeka trains, with service once daily.
Italy to Croatia:
Venice to Zagreb trains travel between these two cities once a day.

Slovenia to Croatia:

Ljubljana to Zagreb trains - 12 trains daily.

Hungary to Croatia:

Budapest to Zagreb trains - 3 trains daily.

Serbia to Croatia:

Belgrade - Zagreb trains - 5 trains daily.

See the country from a different perspective

Eurail offers special promotions to train travelers on a regular basis, such as free travel days - taking the train has a lot of benefits. You get to see the country from a different perspective as you pass through rural passages and urban centers, and it's easy to reach your destination - just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. Rail is the best way to see Europe, and it's no different in Croatia!

It's recommended that you buy your tickets in advance to get the best deals for your train travel in Croatia. You can purchase tickets from the train station if you want, but it's usually more efficient and affordable to buy your passes ahead of time to avoid the hassle.

Waiting in line and trying to communicate with a clerk who may not speak English can be frustrating. It's much easier to book your tickets and spend less of your travels waiting around in train stations.

Most rail lines offer online booking options so you can avoid the stress and confusion of trying to make sense of the train stations from which you depart. And because it's cheaper for train companies to sell tickets over the Internet, you'll probably pay less and save money on your transportation costs.

Wishing you all the best for your next train travel in Croatia! :-)

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