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Olib and Ist island in the Zadar region
by: Tobias

Hi Maria

no problem :-)

You mentioned Olib and Ist - and want to take the trip in August?

First of all, these are great places!
But, please keep in mind that August is peak season...

Generally, I always recommend to make a reservation. Of course, there are exceptions - if you travel alone or with family and kids etc.

With regards to Ist: personally, I would be careful to show up without a reservation simply because it's a small island - not so many accommodations.

Olib is better.

If you really want to take the trip without a reservation - private accommodation would be a great alternative. Normally it's cheaper than hotels for example and if you keep your eyes open you will find an accommodation also during August. Normal prices are around 200 - 350 Kunas per day - that's something like 50-80 USD...

Also, you can ask for an accommodation in the tourist center, which nearly every town in Croatia has. They have lists about the accommodations in the appropriate region.

If you start from Zadar, there are also great attractions in the nearby region. If you have a day or two - there are the Kornati excursions (Kornati National Park with it's 140 islands) and the other National Park I would recommend to visit is the Krka National Park with the popular waterfalls. Both is possible at a reasonable price...

So, my advice would be to try to book in advance.
Just to be on the safe side. If you travel with family and kids - I would strongly recommend it!

...just wrote what I personally think.

just reply if you have any other questios.

Kind regards,


Thank you again
by: Marija

Hi Tobias,

...thank you again. Here is a bit more info - I AM travleing alone and I DO want to probably stay just in a room in someone's home.

I've done plenty of that there and it's fine.. When I try to find "sobe" online for these little places, I cant find anything...I dont mind reserving ahead...any ideas?

And have you been to Ist? I would really like to just find maybe two islands to stay at, that are really tiny and have great beaches....


You are welcome
by: Tobias

Hi Marija,

so you travel alone - I agree that a room - sobe would be just right for you. And if you have done it before - the better.

I know the difficulty with finding rooms online. The problem I see is that most private rooms are maintained by families - most of them never advertise their apartments online or build a web site (beside all the technical barriers which normally come with building a web site etc.).

You know the signs beside the roads "sobe" - that's all advertising they make. And that's probably your chance.

Ist is still missing in my "travel history", but I know the surrounding islands. Dugi Otok, Ugljan and especially Vir.

You are looking for a tiny island, so Ist and Olib would fit that criterion.

You mentioned great beaches... It depends wether you are looking for sandy- or pepply beaches. For the pepply ones - you know that - you can find them anywhere in Croatia. Those two islands aren't so BIG tourist magnets so there will be definetly some quiet and private coves.

I just made a litte research and there are two great bays ideally for swimming and having a great day at the beach. These are Slatina and Slatinica in the east of the island...

What I would do personally: I think you will start with the ferry from Zadar. So, give it a try - you will reach the islands very quick and then you can watch out for rooms... The worst case would be that you don't find one (I don't think so) and you could take the ferry to the next island. And if that also brings you no room - you can take the ferry back to Zadar and there you will definitely find an acommodation and can think what to try next. Maybe look out to visit a National Park I wrote in my last mail or try some other islands...

What I learned over time - there's always a way and in my opinion - you will find a room.

Hope that helps or maybe it's just a little encouragement :-)

If you take the trip - I would be more than happy to hear how it was!

Kind regards,


Thank you again
by: Maria

Hi Tobias,

Thank you again - by the way, those coves are on which island. They sound perfect! I think I may have told you - I just want that Adriatic blue-green water and...lots of goats! And very few people! (I'm just tired, that's all...)

If you ever want to know anything about Dubrovnik or Osijek, those are my specific homes, many, many times...


Olib and Ist are excellent to relax
by: Tobias

Hi Marija,

absolutely no problem.

So, you just want to relax? You will find coves and beaches with very few people on Olib and I also think on Ist.

Thanks for your offer!
Dubrovnik, the pearl on the Adriatic. Just so beautfiul...

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