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You can travel to Croatia in more than one way, from a large number of departing points across the world.

  • Take a plane,
  • bus,
  • train,
  • ferry,
  • or drive.

It all depends on where you're coming from and where you want to go.

These are the main entry points to the country:


How to get there:

Zagreb get here by plane, train, or car
Dubrovnik arrive at this destination by plane or ferry
Split a plane, train, ferry, or car will get you here safely and quickly
Pula take a plane, bus, or car
Zadar a city best reached by plane, ferry, or car
Rijeka take a plane, train, bus, or car to get here

To reach the many islands on the Adriatic, along the coast of Croatia, you have to take a ferry.

  Here is a selection of possible transportations to travel to Croatia - simply follow the links below.
  Flights: Cheap flights  
    Croatian Airlines  
    Croatia Airports  
  Car Rentals: Car rental (generally)  
    Cheap car rentals  
  Ferries: Ferries  
  Trains: Train travel  

This list should give you a good idea of the best types of transportation options for travel to Croatia from different departure points:



Northern Europe take a flight to Croatia
North America take a flight
Italy ferry, bus, car or train
Austria train, car or bus
Slovenia train, car or bus
Hungary train or car
Serbia train or car

Photo aircraft

If you're flying into the country from other parts of Europe, cheap flights are easy to find.

The main point of entry into the country is Zagreb - the capital of Croatia. All European capitals run flights to Zagreb through Croatian Airlines, the national carrier.

Other airlines also schedule flights direct to Croatia. Prices have been going down, as more and more people choose to visit the country.

Regularly scheduled flights to major Croatian cities are not difficult to find:

  • Flights to Dubrovnik depart from London, Dublin, Birmingham, Rome, and Germany

  • Flights to Split come from London, Rome, and central Europe

  • Flights to Rijeka depart from London and Germany

  • Flights to Zadar have departures from London and Prague

  • Flights to Pula arrive from several cities in the UK

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Bus Or Train?

Train Travel

Taking the bus to Croatia is the most cost-effective choice, for those on a tight budget. Plus, it's easier to meet people on a bus if you're traveling alone.

The bus may not be as comfortable as the train, especially for overnight trips, but it can be a lot fun! :-)

Nevertheless, a train travel in Croatia is a very good possibility to see the country from a different perspective!

Therefore I wrote a separat article for train travelling. Just follow the link below:

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Take A Ferry To Reach The Islands

Croatian Ferry

Ferry travel is the only way to reach the islands of Croatia - ferries also cross over from Italy on a regular basis.

The schedules change depending on the season, with more ferry crossings taking place in the summer.

Most schedules for the coming summer are released by March, at the latest. Some ferry services operate full capacity starting in April or May, with some companies only providing ferry service in July and August.

Typically the ferry season ends in September or October.

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Driving With A Car

Driving is another option if you want to travel to Croatia from other European locations. Every year people drive from Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, and Austria to vacation on the coast.

Visitors also come from Bosnia-Hercegovina and Montenegro. Border crossings are easy to pass through, although lineups are long in the summer.

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"Have a safe journey!"

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