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Trogir accommodation - what I would personally recommend: book your accommodations earlier or, better yet, online to have cheaper rates and get more discounts.

There are many accommodations available for everybody while taking a holiday in Trogir, so take time to search for the best place to stay that will suit your needs, preferences, and budget.

The city of Trogir is one of the historical sites in Croatia that has been declared as a UNESCO Heritage Site - its streets and buildings are well preserved just like how the Greek built it.

Historical building in Trogir

Trogir has dozens of historical buildings and lots of palm trees!

In line with this, Trogir attracts many travelers each year, and the number is increasing. Travelers that have visited Trogir make a pact to return to Trogir over and over again, for it is not just the physical aspect of the city that has been preserved but also its traditional cultures and beliefs.

Promenade of Trogir

The famous promenade of Trogir.

To cater the needs of the travelers who want to spend a couple of nights in the historical city, the city, in turn, offers various accommodations to its guests. In and around Trogir lie different types of accommodations ranging from apartments, villas, hotels, and suites.

Surprisingly, the city has world-class hotels such as the Sveti Kriz Hotel Trogir.

Tip one: Sveti Kriz Hotel

World class hotel Sveti Kriz in Trogir

- Trogir accommodation: Sveti Kriz hotel -
Woman enjoying the sun and the beautiful view from a balcony of the Sveti Kriz hotel.

It is best for accommodating all your businesses and personal needs. This hotel is located 3 kilometers from the old town of Trogir in the Ciovo island and is near to the pine forests.

Check out the Sveti Kriz hotel >>>

Tip two: Medena Hotel

Medena Hotel is set in the Trogir Riviera, close to the townships of Seget, Marina, and Okrug. Situated just 1.5 kilometers away from the beautiful, picturesque town of Trogir.

Moreover, the hotel is 7 kilometers away from the Split Airport. The surrounding sea is dotted with small, interesting, and charming islands, which are home to numerous fishing villages.

Beautiful balconies of the Medena hotel with fantastic views

- Trogir accommodation: Medena hotel -
The balconies of the Medena hotel have breathtaking views over the Adriatic!

Medena Hotel offers comfortable and well-furnished guestrooms and suites, all of which are equipped with air-conditioning, telephone, and private bathroom.

Furthermore, each has a balcony overlooking the sea. Its room can accommodate conferences, meetings, seminars, weddings, as well as formal parties.

Check out the Medena hotel >>>

What about other accommodations?

Aside from hotels, renting an apartment while in the peninsula is the best choice especially if you are planning to stay for a longer period of time.

What's more, Trogir has many apartments to choose from; these basic apartments are ideal for those who are looking for much cheaper alternatives to the luxurious service and amenities in a 5-star hotel. The apartments in Trogir have very competitive prices, thus, giving guests more choices in their accommodations.

These relaxing accommodations can definitely give us a unique Croatian experience. Amenities and special offers vary, but they all speak of excellent customer service and unrivaled world-class facilities. You can dine in restaurants and cafes that serve real Croatian cuisine.

You can also make use of their sports and water facilities. The dramatic art deco displayed all over your chosen accommodation will surely amaze any traveler.

A picture says more than a thousand words...

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