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Trogir is one of the oldest and most exciting cities on the coast!

Contrary to popular opinion, history is not a past lost in the pages of neglected and dusty archives but is something that can be captured in a beautiful relic such as this old town.

For many tourists and travelers fascinated by Greek, Roman, and Venetian antiquity, this city is an exceptional destination.

Located in the heart of Dalmatia, just sitting by the eastern coastline of the Adriatic Sea, Trogir, prospers from a heavy traffic of tourists in search for an experience of history that they can bring home with them and share during coffee table conversations with friends and family.

Photo of Trogir

View from the Kamerlengo Fortress

A Must-See World Heritage Site

It is one among the few cities in Europe that is progressive and urban yet able to retain it's heritage. In fact, in the year 1997, it was acknowledged by UNESCO as a world heritage site. This is not a surprise as any traveler who has visited the city would testify to the grandeur of Roman monuments and medieval, baroque churches and cathedrals.

Most people who have been mesmerized by the city's heritage would actually extend their vacation to a day or two or even a week because one cannot get enough of the city's sites.

An exploration of the city's historical sites will take you as far back as the 1st century B.C. seeing the statue of Kairos imbedded in the walls of the nunnery of St. Nikola, to the 8th century BC in the Fortress Karmelango which used to be a naval base but is now a multimedia center/cinema, and also to the 17th century B.C. with the picture of the city's patron, St. John Trogir, by the North Town gate.

Watch A Short Video Of The City (2:40 min.)

Gastronomical Satisfaction

After a day's exploration of the city, you can find relief in the city's countless bars and restaurants in Vukovarska, the Trogir waterfront, Radovan Square, and many more, offering authentic Dalmatian and Mediterranean cuisine.

It is only here in the city by the Adriatic Sea where the essences of seafood and herbs fuse together to satisfy even the most finicky of palates!

Photo shrimps

The town specializes in seafood dishes such as shrimp scampi, roasted fish and herbs, mussels, and others more.

You are guaranteed to only the freshest ingredients which the chefs are very particular of!

Apart from the seafood dishes, Dalmatian cuisine also offers an array of fresh meat dishes including "Prsut" or raw ham, roasted lamb, and beef with tomato salsa including other dressings with cheese and other favorites.

Hospitability And Accomodations

Being a popular tourist destination, the town guarantees lodging for tourists and travelers from apartments in Trogir itself or nearby Vranjica and Okrug Gornji to villas, and luxurious hotels.

In this beautiful city you can trust that the locals are also friendly and very hospitable.

How To Get There?

One can reach the town via airplane, car, or boat. Coming from within the continent, the city is just a few hours away via Airport Split.

Flying from overseas, you may land on either Frankfurt or London and take the Split from there. For road and boat travel, search for maps and nautical guides which are available online.

A picture says more than a thousand words...

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