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1941 - Pirouges(trupas) in St. Bernard Parish, LA, USA
by: Errol Dennis Jr.

Would love to get any info on the history of the "trupa". I have the standard background from the Neretva Valley but were wondering if they were used elsewhere along the Dalamatian coast.

A portion of my family (Yuratich in the US) immigrated from Croatia to southeastern Louisiana in the mid-1800s. The link below shows a slideshow from Delacroix Island, Louisiana in January 1941, where the pirogues were in heavy use for trapping and hunting the coastal marshes.

Any information on the Yuratich(Juretic) family origins or the history of the trupa is appreciated. I would love to bring my father, now 70, to the birthplace of his ancestors when we visit Europe in 2013.


Errol Dennis, Jr.
Paw Paw's Pirogues

Thanks for sharing
by: Tobias

Hi Errol Dennis,

thanks for the link to this slide show - I love old pictures!

I wish that you can bring your father to the birthplace of his ancestors. I think it really means a lot to a human being if you can see where your ancestors are coming from.

Nevertheless, I can't help with information on "trupas".

Note to other readers: If you know anything about trupas - please share them with us here! Thanks very much!

Kind regards,

Information about Trupa that might help
by: Miroslav

only in croatian language i think but i hope it will help you, btw. use Google translator to help you with reading...

Trupa NEW
by: Brano

Hello Errol,
Trupa name is from word trup - wood trunk, so that's pointing to the origins of this boat, almost any place in the world has some kind of similar boat, but definitely each is unique.
I just built a model of Neretvanska Trupa, you can see it on , also check my workshop for Libero/s trupa.

Trupa NEW
by: Brano

I've just watched that slide show, those small boats are very similar to Neretvanska trupa.

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