Type of food in Croatia

by Anna Wasserman
(Miami, Florida, USA)

Traditional grill in Croatia

Traditional grill in Croatia

I need to know for a school project on Croatia, what type of food Croatians eat? I would like to know drinks and mainly food that you would otherwise not find in U.S.A.


Hi Anna,

here are some "high level" thoughts on the day-to-day eating habits of Croatian people.
For details regarding the food in Croatia please see the link at the end of the article.


First of all, the food in Croatia is biological most of the time. There are very few people who buy Microwave-ready-food. The fruits and vegetables market is still the main spot to get your ingredients.

Also, the meals are generally made in the "Mediterranean style" - of course, with fresh ingredients.

1. Food in Croatia

The Croatians eat a lot of meat - prepared in hundreds of different ways (but mostly traditional). You will also find a lot of fish in Croatia - the Adriatic is just perfect for fresh fish. Most people prepare the fish via grill (not with coals but with wood).

2. Drinks in Croatia
In Europe, Croatia is becoming a well-respected wine producing country and a good wine is a must for the traditional Croatian cuisine.

For those who prefer beer there are two main brands:
1. Karlovacko pivo (pivo = beer)
2. Ozujsko beer

Have you seen my article on Croatian food yet? Please see this article - there might be something that you can use in your project.

In this article I share some of my culinary highlights of Croatian dishes :-)

All the best for your school project & greetings to sunny Miami!


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