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Ugljan island isn't a big tourist magnet, but it's a great place to relax, have some beach days with loved ones and enjoy nature's beauty...

Ugljan is an island that is part of the Zadar archipelago in Croatia. With an area of about fifty square kilometers, it is also one of the most densely populated islands in the country.

It is composed of several villages and is accessible via a ferry service to and from Zadar and a bridge connects the island with the nearby Pasman island.

It is also sometimes called the green island, attributed to its dense bush land and groves of olives and figs.


The island is the ideal destination for those who wish to enjoy nature's beauty and the warm Mediterranean climate. The area records an average of 12 hours of sunshine during summer and its mild winter is a boon to those who do not wish to suffer through the cold months.

Aerial view of Ugljan island

Aerial view of Ugljan island with surrounding islands

It is an island that bears a long heritage, with evidences of settlement from the Neolithic period. There are also numerous ruins of ancient buildings scattered all over the area, indicating the dense population of the island during the Roman times.

Though motor vehicles are allowed in Ugljan, the best ways to explore it is by foot or by riding bicycles.

There are certainly a lot of interesting highlights all over the island, with its several coves and stands of old trees. Following nature trails will allow visitors to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest and get to vantage spots where spectacular views of the coast can be had.

The local inhabitants have long depended on the sea for subsistence, partaking in its bounty.

The waters around Ugljan island are teeming with marine life and are now taken advantage by of those offering opportunities to go snorkeling and scuba diving.

Ugljan island snorkeling

As you can see, the crystal clear blue waters around Ugljan are perfect for snorkeling

There are some parts of the island that are uninhabited, with sheltered coves that are home to interesting marine creatures.

A dive center is located on the island, offering dive packages and tours to adventurous individuals and avid diving enthusiasts. Fishing as recreation is also a major tourism activity, where visitors only have to drop their fishing lines to expect a good catch in most areas of its long stretch of beaches.

Boats can also be hired to go further out into the sea with a local guide to take them to known fishing spots.

There are also plenty of opportunities to indulge in water sports such as kayaking and boating. The beach of Mostir is also suitable for beach volleyball, even hosting a tournament during the summer season.

Ugljan island is also a good sailing destination in the area, providing safe berthing at the Port of Muline, where docking facilities and services are also offered.

Ugljan is also the location of the fort of St. Michael, built during the 13th century. This fort was commissioned by Venetians who once considered the island as a strategic point. Scattered all over the island are ruins of churches, mansions, convents, and summer houses that visitors are free to explore.

Castle on Ugljan island

Castle on Ugljan island

Of particular architectural interest is the Califfi Castle, built in the 17th century and has recently undergone renovation. It is presently designated as the Dvor Kresimir Cosic castle.

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