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Unije island is one of those smaller islands that rarely make it onto the large brochures ... nevertheless, those islands rapidly gain in sympathies!

The island of Unije is found near the Kvarner Bay and Adriatic Sea. It also forms part of Losinj, a Croatian archipelago. Because it's very near the Mediterranean Sea, it adapts the warm weather all year round.

It's also the most ideal place to go if you're looking for something refreshing, relaxing, and comfortable. Besides the warm climate, you can look forward to gentle tropical breezes. Majority of the island is composed of calcareous rocks.

Larger view

Unije is actually a very small island. There are around 85 to 100 people living here, especially during the winter. The residents earn a living through fishing, though some of them spend their time tending to their farm or to their sheep.

There are no public roads, so it's impossible for you to bring your own mode of transportation such as your car, but if you have a small plane, you can definitely use their airfield.

You can also travel through a boat, yacht, or a ferry, since there is a port in Unije. The pathways, on the other hand, are ideal for bicycles.

The island offers plenty of walking paths that can lead you to the town and across the island.

Other popular sports on Unije island are

The gorgeous seas give way to the development of several beaches all over the tiny island. One of these most popular is Maracol. Many times during the year sailors would dock their boats and have plenty of great times in this beach.

Unije island bird view

It's also a great spot for various water activities, such as snorkeling, diving, fishing, water skiing, dolphin watching, and kayaking.

You can also try some adventure trips to the east, where there are many coves. The west coast, however, may not be advisable, because that portion is very steep.

Photo right: Unije from above

You can also go hiking into the hills of Unije island, where you can find countless different species of flora and fauna.

There are a variety of flowers growing everywhere, including fennel, rosemary, lavender, and poppies. There are pheasants, hedgehogs, and lizards.

The history of Unije is told by castle ruins found in the northern and southern portions of the islands. One is the St. Andrew Church, which was established during the fifteenth century. You can also find ruins of a former Roman villa in Vrulje. Other noteworthy attractions are Saint Andreas Church and Gallery Torac.

Despite the laidback lifestyle and rural atmosphere of Unije, you can still find some shops that are selling souvenir items and Croatian crafts, as well as restaurants that serve sumptuous Mediterranean sea food meals. There are no huge hotels and resorts, but you can stay among the apartments and the guest houses that populate the island.

There is also a post office, school, food shop, bakery, ice cream parlor, and a tavern. There are also boat moorings, where you can keep your boat or yacht for a while as you explore the island.

"The best time to visit Unije is during the months of April until October since temperature is more consistent."

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