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Want to break the routine and visit something special? Load your camera, pack your yachting watch and a sun lotion, and take a vacation on the Croatian coast - this Mediterranean wonder will do all the rest to guarantee the best time ever!

You will find this Mediterranean country offering everything you ever wished for a perfect holiday:

  • amazing sunsets over the sea,

  • over 1100 islands to sail among,

  • colorful traditions,

  • idyllic fishermen villages,

  • delicious gourmet temptations,

  • and most of all, you will always be welcomed with a smile :-)

Gorgeous bay besides the coastal town Primosten.

- Vacation on Croatian coast -
We've discovered a beautiful bay right next to Primosten (Southern Dalmatia). See the azure water in the lower left corner of the picture? That's where you'll find a very nice (and mostly private) beach.

Curving along the Adriatic, in the shape of a horseshoe, with a blissful harmony of natural beauty, Croatia is definitely a dream come true.

From the history dash of Istria in the north, passing through the contrasting landscape of mountains and sea of Kvarner, to the real Mediterranean temperament of Dubrovnik and the yachting paradise of the Dalmatian islands, the Croatian coast offers a little bit of everything for everyone.

List of some gorgeous islands in Dalmatia

Hvar island

Hvar island Hvar Is A Complete Package For A "Never Forget Vacation" - When you visit the island with it's city (which is also called as the island itself), I bet you will fall in love! The charming people, stunning beaches, mediterranean flair, delicious food and beautiful boats.

Brac island

Brac island Brac Vacation Tips - You'll get to Brac island within 45 minutes from Split (via ferry). A must-see on Brac is the Zlatni Rat beach which is the most famous beach in Croatia. Did you know that the White House was built with limestone from Brac? Yep.

Korcula island

Korcula island Korcula, Also A Great Destination For Sailors - Come to Korcula island for the diverse and interesting cultural heritage. Walk through the old streets of Korcula town, view the hold buildings and thefortification, relax on the beaches and enjoy your time!

The choice is endless:

  • a modern resort,
  • a historic town wrapped in mysterious legends,
  • a romantic village sprinkled with fishing boats.

Romantic village called Supetar with fishing boats.

- Vacation on Croatian coast -
This is one of those romantic villages with nice fishing boats. It's name is "Supetar" and is located on Brac island.

And you can't ignore the fact that Croatia focuses on environment-friendly travel. Isn't it impressive? You'll probably understand now why the travel connoisseurs are so enthusiasts talking about a vacation on the Croatian coast.

The Mediterranean climate along the Adriatic coast makes a Croatian holiday possible year-round, a not-so-easy-to-find deal. With more than 2500 hours of sunlight yearly, this heavenly place will soon become one of the most wanted coastlines in Europe. Isn't it about time for you to take a vacation on the Croatian Coast?

Stunning view onto the Adriatic, Mediterranean houses and isles.

- Vacation on Croatian coast -
Stunning view onto the Adriatic (somewhere near Sibenik).

The amazing thing about the Croatian holiday is that you let the time slip away pleasantly, but you will also slip away in time!

Croatian coastal towns are breathtakingly beautiful and their incredible history make a great attraction:

  • perfectly preserved Renaissance locations aligned along cobblestone streets,

  • folktales whispered in every street quoin,

  • luxurious boutiques filled with antiquities.

Croatia is truly a time machine!

-- Vacation On Croatian Coast --

List of great Croatian coastal towns


Dubrovnik Croatia

Dubrovnik Vacation Tips - Dubrovnik is one of the six UNESCO World Heritage sites in Croatia. The citie's old fortified town sticks out over limestone cliffs and provides a breathtaking view onto the sparkling Adriatic - in my opinion truly a magical place! Click here to see my Dubrovnik vacation page.


Split Croatia

Tips For A Split Vacation - Split is one of my favorite coastal cities... the huge palm trees along the promenade, historical buildings everywhere, but also exceptional shopping possibilities. By the way, a visit to Diocletian's palace is a must! :-) Click here to see my three-part travel story about Split with many photos.


Zadar Croatia

Some Ideas For A Nice Time In Zadar - Roam through this historical coastal town, listen to the tones of the sea organ (yes, a sea organ!), or just enjoy some scenic sunsets! Click here to find out more about Zadar.


Primosten Croatia

Primosten In Three Words: Pictorially, Wonderful, Breathtaking... In my eyes, Primosten is one of the most pictorially coastal towns in Croatia. It's also a great stop for sailors with a top marina. I've got a six-part travel story about Primosten with dozens of photos.


Trogir Croatia

Things To Do In Trogir - The old town of Trogir also belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage list. Visit the old town, the famous Kamerlengo fortress, enjoy the stunning views over to Ciovo island and the Adriatic. Enjoy, relax and simple feelthat kind of special flair. Click here to see my five-part photo series about Trogir.

-- Vacation On Croatian Coast --

Enjoy the Croatian food

When it comes about palate temptations, Croatia can't wait to wow you again! The traditional Croatian dishes are a delightful mixture of influences, and it worth traveling in Croatia at least for the food!

Delicious Croatian food at a restaurant right next to the Adriatic.

- Vacation on Croatian coast -
Dining at the coast while looking onto the Adriatic.

Fresh seafood and fish, prepared in the Mediterranean style with olive oil, the incredible Paski Sir, a cheese recipe from the islands, the delicious lamb with tomato sauce in the Hungarian style, all generously accompanied with a delicious local wine or ice-cold Ozujsko beer, will complete your discovery of the Croatian Coast. And all for a fair price!

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