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Veli Losinj is a small seaside community located on the southern tip of Losinj island in the bay of Kvarner.

The town consists of gorgeous stone houses that show their age beautifully, and lush parks containing interesting vegetation. Veli Losinj has a long history as a town of seafarers due to its primary location.

The climate in the area is perfect for visitors wanting to stop by and take in the picturesque views and meet the friendly locals. For many years people have come to this beautiful town to rejuvenate their health and enjoy the various resorts that have cropped up to cater to people wanting a relaxing Croatian experience.

Photo of Veli Losinj by night

When you come to the town the first thing you must do is enjoy the perpetual sunshine and swim in the warm waters of the coast. And if you're lucky, you may even catch sight of a dolphin or two, swimming by the residents of Veli Losinj without a care in the world.

The mild climate and the clear blue waters of the sea combine to make this place one of the most beautiful spots in the whole country. The pine forests and the Mediterranean vegetation also add to the appeal.

If you need to find a place that offers the ultimate in rest, relaxation, and comfort, this is definitely it.

Every year a great number of tourists visit the island and the town to see and enjoy the sights, sounds, and tastes of the region. This picturesque fishing village is truly unique because it brings together the best of Croatia - the sea, the sand, and the people. In fact, the locals are known for their hospitality and charm.

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The town is only about 4 km from Mali Losinj. And although Veli means "big", this town is actually smaller than Mali Losinj. It has the atmosphere of a wonderful fishing village, which is a big part of the appeal to tourists. There are many hills throughout the town and narrow, winding streets with stone houses and tons of lush greenery. The whole town is bursting with life and a calm vivacity.

Since the Austro-Hungarian empire, Veli Losinj has been a haven for those seeking help for their health conditions. In 1866 Archduke Carl Stephen built a castle and brought more than 200 rare plants to the island for the castle garden.

Other rich seafarers did the same thing over the years, growing beautiful gardens that you can still see today. This is why the town is overflowing with bountiful flowers and plants of all kinds, and has a feeling of peace and tranquility.

As a sightseer you may want to visit the town's Venetian Tower from the 15th century - today there is a museum housed in the building. Also, St. Anthony's church contains many Italian paintings left behind by the rich inhabitants of the town.

You can book private accommodations at the town or book a room in the hotel located in town. Prices are reasonable and the food is quite good as well.

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