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Vir Island is the perfect getaway this summer that you and your friends and family will definitely get to enjoy and treasure!

Lots of people love to travel during the summer holidays.

A regular destination of happy vacationers and tourists is Croatia which is famous for its countless beaches, parks, and not to mention its Mediterranean / Dalmatian cuisine consisting of the freshest seafood and herbs.

Croatia is composed of many islands each having a unique thing to offer to its visitors.

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What the Croatian islands share, one cannot discount, are the lovely beaches and the ancient Roman to medieval relics scattered in its terraces.

Indeed, travelling to Croatia is very tempting.

If you are tempted to cruise to the Croatian Islands just about now, an island you first would want to visit is the Island of Vir.

Nestled in a string of islands, Vir Island is located northwest from Zadar in the Adriatic coast.

Get to the island via bridge

The island is a hotspot for summer vacationers and you don't even need a ferry. There is a 390 meter long bridge which connects Vir to mainland. Unlike other bridges, for example the one to Krk island, you don't have to pay to use it.

Photo bridge Vir to mainland

If you're planning on staying long, expect that board and lodging won't be a problem. The island is filled with private apartments you can rent. If you want to be on the safe side - book an apartment before you depart.

There are several newly-furnished apartments that offer reasonable and sometimes discounted prices such as Apartment Santi and Kata located somewhere on the island.

These apartments have two bedrooms with a nice balcony that provides a nice overview of the sea and the sandy beaches below. Apart from these, the rental includes usage of bathroom, living room, the barbecue grill, and other facilities.

I highly recommend to visit the popular ruins

Once board and lodging has been taken cared of, you might want to visit first the ruins of ancient Roman architecture and medieval parishes scattered along the island such as the parish of St. Juraj in Bandira and the medieval churches of St. Ivan and St. Nikola.

Photo of famous ruin on Vir island

After sightseeing, you then can head over to any of the beaches in the island. Vir Island's beaches are heavenly with natural pine woods and a mild climate. People would always come back to the island to watch a sunset or to relax at the beach. Moreover, there are beaches of pebbles, sand, and stone ideal for sunbathing, swimming, and water sports.

Do you like seafood as much as I do?

Apart from the paradise-like beaches, the island is extremely well-known for its seafood cuisine. Strolling through the island's streets, you will eventually come by a stretch of restaurants and small cafes offering Mediterranean and Dalmatian cuisine.

Dalmatian cuisine is world-renowned for its simple yet refined taste. What's more is that it also caters to health buffs with a side dish of some herbs and vegetables.

A favourite among both locals and tourists are the fresh seafood dishes cooked or grilled with olive oil. If you aren't into seafood, the island's restaurants provide an array of meats to choose from including roast lamb chops and grilled lean beaf and some pork dishes. A perfect way to complement these dishes is a glass of the island's famous red wine picked from the freshest vineyards of the island.

Greetings from the bridge to Vir island

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