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Vis island is located in the central Dalmatian archipelago.

It has an area of 90.3 square kilometers, a length of 17 km, and width of 8 km. The population is 4,338.

Hum is the highest peak, rising to 587 m. On the western coast of the island you'll find Komiza Bay with a soft sandy bottom - the southern coast contains more than one small inlet.

They are: Travna Vela, Travna Mala, Stiniva, Ruda, Teleska Vela, and Ploce, amongst others.

On the northern coast is located the port of Vis island and the town as well - here a large number of cliffs dot the landscape, giving it a rustic and natural feel.

Gradac Cliff is the largest out of them all, at an impressive 100 m. Just off the southeastern shore the islets of Ravnik, Budihovac, Parzanj and Greben make their home.

Photo of  a town on Vis island

As a whole, Vis receives winds from the northwest and southeast. In July the average air temperature is a balmy 24 degrees, with temperatures dropping to a frosty 8.8 degrees in January. Each year the accumulated rainfall reaches 557 mm, only 40 mm of which falls during the summer months.

There are no fresh water lakes or streams located on the island, except for a few springs near Komiza. The local residents get access to water in the summer by ship, which is then stored in cisterns.

Vis island cove stirna luka

The greenery and natural landscape of the island is beautiful and rich - limestone crests add character to the island, while fertile valleys covered with red soils and sand dunes are used to grow grapes for wine.

Photo right: Stirna Luka, an anchorage on the western side of the island of Vis.

There are two main settlements on Vis island - the town of Vis and Komiza. You can get to each town via road and ship depending on how and when you want to travel. Either choice works well and gets you where you want to be in a reasonable amount of time.

Today the island is the location of several wine production plants set up for the purpose of harvesting locally-grown grapes for the production of Croatian wines - when you visit the country it's recommended that you try some wine along with the traditional cuisine.

You won't be disappointed! Croatian food and drink is among the best in Europe and the world, especially when you try it in an authentic atmosphere with regional ingredients :-)

Vegetable farming is also a major contributor to the local economy of the island. Fishing is another activity carried out by the locals to make a living. In fact, there is a fish cannery in Komiza, which is an important employer in the region. Vis also has a palm-tree nursery.

On top everything else, the island is a hotbed for tourism. More and more people are coming to Vis for the spectacular views, friendly people, and nice weather!

If you're planning a trip to Croatia in the near future, don't forget to include the island of Vis on your itinerary.

It's very easy to reach the island, especially in the summertime, and you'll definitely enjoy the experience!

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