Visit Brela or one of the Croatian islands

by Cindy

We are a couple planning to visit Croatia for the 1st time in mid Sep for 2 weeks. We like warm sea, nice beaches (not too rocky), good restaurants and quiet environment. We are not looking for large resorts or nightlife.

We would appreciate your advice on where best to go as there is such choice! We are looking at either Brela or one of the islands (Vis or Brac), but really don't know which would be best for us.

We are interested to know your view of the weather in Septemeber - would an island be better than the Dalmation coast? I also read that some areas can get very windy, which I do not like.

In terms of accommodation, we usually rent a private villa (we can find a villa ourselves in the areas that you recommend).

Thank you very much for your help.
Best wishes
Cindy and Jon

Comments for "Visit Brela or one of the Croatian islands?"

Hi Cindy and Jon,

just a quick reply as I will be on on a three week vacation down the coast starting today...

First of all, September is a great month to visit Croatia. The tourist crowds are gone, still great weather and prices are cheaper because of the lower season.

When you want some quiet and "not-so-touristic" holidays I would personally prefer the islands. I love Brac island and the famous Zlatni Rat beach.

Nevertheless, Vis island is also a wonderful place.

As for the weather: I couldn't tell you if there's much difference between the islands and the Damatian coast. You have to know that there are two major winds in Croatia. The "Bura" and "Jugo". Bura comes from the hinterland and is colder. Jugo comes from the seaside and is warmer. So, that can happen either at the island or the coast.

Please also note that there can be huge differences within an island itself. On Brac island I was on a bay and on the afternoon it got really windy. Just 50 m away and I had absolutely no wind! This is something that you have to test for yourself - depending on the beach and bay.

I would say that both islands are fantastic and the weather is similar. Nevertheless, I would personally give Vis island an edge (51 vs. 49) :-)

It's a bit off the regular tourist magnets and has this "special flair".

Please note that this is just my personal point of view.

Hope that helps a bit I wish you a wonderful vacation, enjoy, relax!

All the best,

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