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"Visiting Plitvice Lakes National Park is definitely
one of Croatia's must do-s!"

Listed in UNESCO's register of World Natural Heritage, the Plitvice Lakes are natural paradise, unfairly but legendary called "The Devil' Garden". This national park situated roughly half way between Zagreb and Zadar, on Plitvice Plateau.

Photo of a 7 meters waterfalls, the lower right corner shows the woolden trails of the park with people.

Charming scenery with a waterfall, one of the countless lakes and you can also see visitors walking over the wooden trails in the lower right corner.

The beauty of this blissful area is revealed step by step, as you discover each of the sixteen turquoise lakes, inter-connected with a series of either huge either very small waterfalls and miles of pleasant wooden walkways.

The crystal clearness and the stunning emerald color of the waters make this park an unforeseeable wonderland, as the distinctive color of the lakes is changing constantly depending especially on the angle of sunlight.

Turquoise lake.

What do you say to this crystal clear turquoise water? Beautiful, isn't it?

The Plitvice Lakes National Park features a mixed vegetation, both Alpine and Mediterranean. The forests of beech, spruce and fir trees are a paradise for walkers and hikers as well as for nature lovers!

One of the first waterfalls you will see when you take the 3 hour walking tour.

This is one of the first waterfalls you will see when taking the three-hours walking tour through the national park.

You'll be surprised discover a wide variety of plant species in this area, and the creatures from your childhood fairytales living deep in the woodland - dears, bears, wolves, bears and rare bird.

The area of the Plitvice Lakes National Park is also home to the brown bear, the lynx and the wolf.

If you'l get lucky you'l catch the sight of some rare species of birds, such as the owl or the eagle.

Want to quickly "dive" into the natural beauty of the Park?

There are three different tours to take when visiting Plitvice Lakes:

  1. 3 hours walking tour
  2. 5-6 hours walking tour
  3. full day walking tour.

In general I think the three hours tour is great - especially if you are just on a day trip. Take one of these buses (see pictures below), they will bring you to a great starting point in the middle of the lakes.

Bus in the Plitvice lakes.

-- Visiting Plitvice Lakes National Park --
These vehicles will bring you to the starting point in the Plitvice Lakes. Somehow they are very similar to the vehicles in the movie "Jurassic Park", aren't they? :-)

Hanger with seats.

-- Visiting Plitvice Lakes National Park --
Hanger with about 20 seats.

The weather in the Plitvice Lakes area is continental, with warm summers and harsh but spectacular winters. In the winter season the lakes offer an extraordinary spectacle, with the waterfalls frozen in mid-air, creating fascinating forms.

If you decide on visiting the Plitvice Lakes, you'l find the area easily accessible by public transport as well as by car or by bicycle, from Karlovac, Zagreb or Split.

And if you'l feel like spending a night in the middle of this fairytale, whether you're looking for a lovely and comfortable hotel or just to set your tent in a campsite, among Plitvice Lakes accommodation options you'll find something to suit your needs. Private gues-houses is also an option amid the towns and villages on the way to the national park.

28 meter waterfalls.

Highest waterfalls with something around 28 meters.
I took this photo from a trail behind the waterfalls.

Picture above: See the people on the wooden trails? They have a fabulous view onto the waterfalls.

Picture below: And this is the perspective onto the falls from the wooden trails. I've marked the platform of the walking trail with the fantastic view...

Frontal view onto the 28 meters waterfalls.

Frontal view onto the 28 meters waterfalls.

If you're wandering what's on when visiting the Plitvice Lakes, the answer is - exploring, exploring, exploring. Hiking or bird watching onboard of a boat along, you'll discovery the Plitvice Lakes in all their glory. Put on your best walking shoes!

Visitors walking over the wooden trails.

Wooden trails which guide you through this great Croatian National Park.

The Plitvice Lakes National Park's landscape rests upon karst, mainly dolomite and limestone, offering the possibility of some unique hiking experiences. The Park system of trails and boardwalks makes it possible to get up as close as possible to its dazzling beauty.

That's me on those wooden trails and some waterfalls in the background.

Who's that? ... Yep, that's me :-)

After a day of wandering through the forests, waters and wild animals, rest your bones, grab a beer and have a traditional meal in one of the local restaurants, with rustic decorations, perfectly matching with the surroundings.

Wrapped in the beautiful legend of a Black Queen creating the lakes as a flood after a long period od drought, you will sure find a bit of the childhood magic while visiting Plitvice Lakes, the inland natural wonder of Croatia.

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