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In Vodice Croatia you will find beaches with a "caribic flair" ...

The Croatian archipelago is shaped like that of a croissant and is composed of 1,000 islands. Of the many towns and villages of Croatia, Vodice is best known for its water sources.

It is located in the county of Sibenik-Knin and founded as "Arausa" during the rule of the Romans but was later renamed as "Vodice" in the 1400s. It shares its coasts with the Adriatic Sea. It is accessible through the bay with ferry lines transporting passengers to and from the other islands. Of course, you can also get there easily by car.

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Vodice Croatia is a beautiful town popularly visited by tourists all year round. It is therefore not unusual that the villagers, previously farmers and fishermen, became more inclined to the tourism industry.

The friendly locals accommodate visitors in their hotels, villas, private pension houses, cozy cottages, and camping grounds. The accommodations have classy facilities. Most locals know how to speak English and some German and French, so communication will not be a problem.

Thousands of tourists claim that Vodice is the best in Croatia in terms of facilities for entertainment and recreation. Finding accommodations is very easy, and monetary transactions can be done with ease with the local banks and merchants.

Automated teller machines are available in most places, and countless money changers can be easily found. Traveling around the city is quite safe as mugging and crime rate statistics are very low. Friendly police officers are also employed to ensure that these statistics will remain low.

Most tourists come to Vodice for the beaches!

You can find dream beaches in Vodice

In my opinion, the beaches in Vodice Croatia have a little bid of a "caribic flair"
... absolutely fantastic!

The beaches around Vodice range from pebbly to sandy or cemented and offer a wide variety of activities for tourists. Water crafts can be rented in many of the shops near the coast; these shops can even recommend a skipper if necessary.

Snorkeling and scuba diving gears are also available. A marina, which can accommodate hundreds of yachts, is situated in the center of Vodice.

There are a lot more activities designed for tourists to explore the beauty of this picturesque city. Cycling and hiking tours are organized by locals.

For the more adventurous tourists, hiking around would be quite safe even without the local guides. There are also tours and excursions designed to maximize the travelers' experience of this beautiful city. The national park in the Kornati Islands is also close to Vodice.

Watch this short video of Vodice (3:56 min.)

Aside from the beaches and tourist accommodations, Vodice is also known for its restaurants and pubs, offering local marine dishes for the tourists to sample; the popular wine marastina is served in these places.

Like the rest of Croatia, Vodice didn't escape the rules of the many invaders who developed and imparted their influences on the town's facade and culture. To protect themselves from the invasion of the Turks, Vodice citizens built defense walls and watchtowers around the villages.

These walls and towers still stand as mute witnesses of the conquests. There are also settlements on the hill of Okit, which sheltered the refugees from the invading Turks. In the 1600s, the Chapel of the Lady of Mercy was built on top of Okit.

The lists of activities and places to visit are endless in Vodice. It is therefore best for the traveler to sample all the adventures that this place can offer.

"Have a nice stay in Vodice Croatia and enjoy your time!"

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