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Romantic medieval touch, lovely atmosphere, great food and wine for your guests, and most of all, a fantastic background for your photos.

A wedding in Croatia can be every future bride's dream! With blissful beauty and romantic scenery, the Croatian coast offers more than you ever wished for your dream wedding.

Wedding in Croatia - couple

Happy bride

The southern city of Dubrovnik, surrounded by an impressive island paradise, and crowned by the idyllic venue of Grande Villa Argentina overlooking the blue Adriatic, is definitely the most popular destination for couples deciding to organise their wedding in Croatia.

Though, if your're looking for your own special choice, there are plenty of places along the Croatian coast, oozing of romance, awaiting to witness you swearing forever love to your half.

Pltivice lakes - a fantastic wedding destination!

When thinking of lakes wedding destinations, most couples have in mind lake Tahoe or Niagara Falls, and they can't even imagine the superb setting of the Plitvice Lakes, with dazzling waterfalls, forests, water lands and impressive fauna.

Special Tip: If Madeira was the dream place for your friends wedding, why not surprise them by organizing yours in the "Croatian Madeira" - the island of Hvar.

Dreaming of a natural wonder?

Choose Mljet - the beautiful phenomena of two small lakes in the middle of the island linked by the sea water, is definitely one of the most romantic places for your wedding in Croatia.

Velebit chapel

Beautiful chapel in the Velebit mountain range

When you decide to organize your marriage in a foreign country like Croatia, keep in mind three aspects:

  1. the religion and churches options,

  2. the paperwork and

  3. legal declarations and the location of the civil marriages.

Giving the lack of churches, it is only possible to arrange a Catholic or Orthodox wedding in Croatia. Because the religious ceremony is not considered a legal marriage, it must be preceded by a civil marriage, in either Croatia or elsewhere.

Application process - things to consider

Between 30 and 45 days prior to the date the ceremony, you need to send your application papers to the municipality (Maticar) where the wedding will take place, and within 24 hours before the marriage you and your beloved one have to attend in person the registry to finalize paperwork.

The main documents you will need are:

  • birth certificates,

  • passports copies,

  • full names of witnesses

  • and the certificate of custom and law, issued by your country embassy in Croatia, stating that the marriage will be valid in your country, that your passport is valid and that you are indeed a citizen of your country.


The civil wedding in Croatia can be organized in a hotel or other venues, or even onboard, in one of the Adriatic harbors - there's nothing to compare with an outdoor setting, overlooking the boat sprinkled sea.

The caterer has to be a company registered in Croatia, and if you don't speak the Croatian language, make sure you appoint a translator - the registry office can recommend you one, but the expenses are on you.

Of course, so many details will make you wander, but you shouldn't be worried - you can always hire a local wedding specialist agency, and they will guide you through all these processes.

A wedding in Croatia gives you the perfect chance to honeymoon in this blissful seaside land or cruise on the Adriatic. A stone's throw from Greece, Italy, Hungary and Austria, it's at your convenience to expand your travel after your big day.

Congratulations and enjoy!

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