Week Croatia Trip

by Keri Brown

Hi, My parents & I are traveling Europe this summer and are looking at coming to Croatia from Venice for a week or so around 12th August. We would have been traveling and site-seeing for a month already so are looking for some relaxing, chilled beach time. In the short time we have what would you recommend we do??


Hi Keri,

I am not sure whether you will arrive in Croatia via ferry, car or other public transportation.

Depending on your mobility - the Istria region with cities like Pula, Rovinj and Porec might be an option IF you do not want to drive long distances.


A week is not that long for a Croatia vacation so an island could also be an option. Generally speaking, there are fantastic beaches, restaurants and a couple of things to see. Not too much and since you already come from Venice a relaxed week on the beach might be exactly what you are looking for.

Two islands that are great for a one week vacation in Croatia:

1. Hvar island

If you have a car you can reach Hvar island via ferry from Split or Drvenik. Hvar city is really amazing! It's charming and has what I call "this special mediterranean flair. Depending on your budget there are some excellent hotels like the Hotel Amfora Grand Beach Resort which has a fabulous beach area just for hotel guests.

The pool area of the Amfora is also a dream as you can see on the photo below.

(Sorry, the quality is not the best. It was night and I didn't manage to get a sharp photo).

2. Brac island

Brac is also reachable via ferry from Split. One of the most beautiful places on Brac is the so called "Zlatni Rat beach" - this might be a top choice if you are really looking for beach time, a hotel room and a couple of restaurants. If that's all you want I would personally choose Brac island.

Hope that helps!

All the best,

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