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Transportation between Split and Dubrovnik
by: Tobias

Hi Tasha,

sorry that I didn't get back to you earlier.


By the way, your trip is excellently planned. I really couldn't recommend anything else
for a 9-day trip. You will see some of the top spots in Croatia - a really good mixture
with coastal cities, islands and National Parks.

As for your questions:
"Where do you think the best beach is of the 2 islands?"

Puhhhh, that's a tough question whether Hvar or Brac has better beaches. Indeed, both have fantastic beaches with crystal clear blue water.

Brac has the world famous Zlatni Rat beach (USAToday rated the Zlatni Rat beach into the top 50 beaches worldwide!)

I also visited Hvar island last year and you'll also find fabulous beaches there! If you ask me about my personal favorite - I would recommend to visit Hvar. Not only will you have fantastic beaches, but you can also visit the city which is also called "Hvar". Actually, it's a little St. Tropez - very charming city with this special flair!

As for the transportation:
You mentioned that you don't have a car? Just a note: you can rent a car in one city and give it back at your destination airport for example. You'll have all the national car rental agencies in Croatia (Sixt, Europcar etc.).

If that's not for you - there's only one alternative (in my opinion). Take the bus! It's not very expensive and you have transfers between Split and Dubrovnik (and vice versa) on a daily basis.

Hope that helps,
Greetings to sunny California!

All the best,

PS: Tasha, you really picked some excellent spots in Croatia - wish you a great holiday and let me know if you have other questions...

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