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I wrote this short overview about "why travel to Croatia" so that you can quickly get a basic picture about some of the advantages of this travel destination...

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A Central European country at the crossroads between the Pannonian Plain and the Mediterranean Sea lies a somewhat resembling that of a crescent or a horseshoe.

With its stable economy, the highlight of Croatia is its growing highway network, developed across the last four decades.

This is a place for people who love football, basketball, water polo, and tennis. And, yes, the Croat has the name and fame for these sports. But Croatia has more to offer than sports :-)

Gone are the days of turmoil and civil war that resulted to the establishment of the Republic of Croatia. The country is doing its best to include tourism as one of its major industries to further boost its economy.

Croatia's beauty and charm allures neighboring countries, but the country still needs to do more to captivate the rest of the world.

But what does Croatia have?

...and, what can it offer to its visitors?

Must-see extensive coastlines and well-preserved coastal Renaissance towns are few of the tourist attractions. Strolling along the streets of Croatia will give you a feeling of going back in history.

Amid all the civil wars fought in the country, there are some historical buildings with magnificent architectural designs.

Croatia - The Mediterranean As It Once Was

Croatia is also a haven for the sports buffs. There are many sports activities that visitors can participate in.

Here you'll wind a yachting paradise with national parks and uninhabited islands that are filled with history galore. At its very basic, the toilets in Croatia are sparkling clean, and the streets are safe might it be night or day.

Croatia is also trying to compete with the Spanish island of Ibiza as the party capital of the world. Equipped with all the amenities, you can find yourself sipping espressos or dancing at Carpe Diem or lounging sea side at East Side West Beach Club in Dubrovnik.

There is sophistication in the remote havens of saturated parties. What's more, Croatia has one of the most beautiful coastlines, which earns her the revered title of the "New Riviera".

Have a break

Why travel to Croatia?
Enjoy the beautiful coastline - take a break - relax.

Jet skis are up for grabs. History is also seen in their relics. Paintings and relics are also one of Coatia's fascinations.

Who would think they have castles on the north region? The Marian shrine is the largest and the most notable pilgrimages for the believers.

On top of it all, you can now enjoy low-cost flights to Croatia. Croatia is accessible to many major cities in Europe.

There are many accommodations that travelers can choose form. And the food - yes, the food - is fairly cheap. However, the quality is magnificent. Croatian cuisine is known as the cuisine of regions - cuisine that captivated so many.

Dining at the Croatian coast

Why travel to Croatia?
Dining right next to the Adriatic :-)

There are also travel packages that visitors can avail complete with flights, accommodations, and guided tours. Consult your local travel agencies for the fabulous holiday idea in Croatia.

To find cheap travel deals, book your flights and hotels online earlier to get the most discounted price for you.

You may also like to travel during off-peak seasons where prices are low and crowd is sparse.

"One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things."
- Henry Miller

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