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Indeed, windsurfing in Croatia is just one of the many water activities you can do here.

Nevertheless, you have to ensure that you have to things: a good accommodation and a secure equipment.

The beautiful Mediterranean weather in Croatia also brings the cool summer wind that never fails to attract hundreds of sailors and boaters all over the world.

Thus, it isn't a surprise if there are also countless of windsurfers who are brave enough to face the rather rough-seas and sometimes strong wind.

It's also ideal for those who are looking of ways to stretch their muscles and definitely have some fun while they are still under the heat of the sun :-)

Windsurfing at Vir island

I took this picture of two surfers at Vir island in Dalmatia.

Windsurfing In Croatia: Top Spots

If you're looking for great windsurfing sites in Croatia, you will never feel disappointed.

First you have the Premantura Peninsula, which is just located at the southern portion of Pula.

Female surfer

The winds of the island can reach to as much as 40 knots, definitely bringing in the surfing waves that you could have been longing during your entire stay in the Island. You can also go to Savudrija, which is also found near Premantura. Instead of the bora winds, you can take advantage of the maestral winds that come from the northwest.

Baska in Krk island is considered as one of the most beautiful and exciting beaches in Croatia. Its fine white sand and pebble beach, in addition to the bars and restaurants where everyone can just lounge around and while away time, always attract a huge crowd.

Also adding to the charm of the island is the bora wind from the northeast direction.

Preluk, which is found in the Kvarner bay, is also one of the best destinations for wind surfing. What's more, it's easily accessed, especially if you're either in Opatija and Rijeka.


If you want to make sure that you can enjoy the wind a lot better, though, windsurf early in the morning, where the tramontana winds, which come from the north, are blowing at their strongest.

Bol in Brac Island, meanwhile, has continuous maestral winds blowing all day, so you can always up those surfboard and sail anytime you want to. But for those who are still inexperienced in windsurfing, they may want to begin their training early in the morning, when the winds are not that strong yet.

Windurfing in Bol (Brac island)

This windsurfer in Bol (Zlatni Rat beach) crossed my camera :-)

You may also like to learn from the pro or just watch the annual windsurfing competition, right at Peljesac Peninsula, particularly in Viganj.

Windsurfing In Croatia: "Best Of The Best Places"

Best of all, don't forget to try your windsurfing skills in Korcula island. The weather in Korcula is always sunny, yet the wind continues to blow, which means you're going to have the most superb summer activity in your whole life.

If you think that you have more to learn when it comes to windsurfing, you can always enroll yourself in the many windsurfing schools found in the island.

Windsurfing lesson

Windsurfing lesson

You will be under the tutelage of windsurfing experts. Learn the principles behind it, as well as windsurfing techniques and strategies.

"The training doesn't really last very long, to give you more time to enjoy the wind and the sea."

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