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Zagreb is the type of town that slowly makes its way into your heart once you give it a chance...

Centrally located in the heart of Croatia, Zagreb is sometimes forgotten in the shadow of coastal towns such as Dubrovnik. This is a shame because the city has a lot to offer.

Most travelers are familiar with this city because it's a common stopover point in Europe, but it's more than just an urban center.

The appeal of this beautiful city is something you slowly discover as you experience the city over the course of a few days. Take some time to find the city's charms and you will be well rewarded!

Photo Zagreb national theater

Zagreb has always been an important town in Croatia, even if it wasn't always a tourist destination. Now the capital and the country's largest city, it's located at the crossroads between the Adriatic coast and central Europe.

The city is influenced by Baroque architecture and contains several wonderful markets, lots of shopping, and excellent restaurants and hotels. But there's more to this town than retail and gastronomy - there are many green parks to enjoy, long walkways to stroll along, and other attractions that are perfect for the whole family.

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A unique destination, the capital of Croatia has an interesting history and culture that still pervades the feel of the city to this day. The city brings together elements of central European urbanity, a Mediterranean sensibility, and tried-and-true Balkan traditions for an exciting mix of old and new.

With a population of about 1 million people, this is a busy city with good public transportation, clean open areas, nice parks, theaters, museums, and art galleries - everything you'd expect from a large, modern urban center.

Some of the architecture borrows elements from Vienna, with neo-classical buildings, well-kept boulevards, and tidy squares. The city is divided into four districts - Trg Bana Jelacica, the main square; Kaptol and Gornji Grad, located in the center of the city near a cathedral and government buildings; Gradec, a charming area with lots of trees; and Donji grad, the business district.

The city isn't the most glamorous in Europe, but it has some magic to it. Like any urban center, it offers tourists comfortable amenities and access to history and culture. Remember, the city has survived nearly one thousands years of foreign rule and domination, so it's taking its time to flourish and grow into its own skin.

How's the weather there?

Zagreb is transitioning into a colorful city - so give it a chance. On Saturday the city is full of life, with people haggling at the Dolac market, and sipping drinks in one of the many cafes.

During the week, people rush to and fro on their way to work, adding a vibrant appeal to the city. In the evening, crowds relax and enjoy dessert as the day slowly winds down.

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